Importing or exporting wildlife for research purposes

Australia strictly controls trade in:

You may be able to obtain an import or export permit for specimens for scientific research purposes where the object of the research is to:

  • better understand or increase knowledge of the taxon
  • conserve biodiversity
  • maintain and/or improve human health

Permits for research purposes

To apply for a permit, follow the link below to the online application form:

If you are unable to apply for a permit online – please contact this office to discuss an alternative method for submitting an application.

Wildlife Trade Assessment
Department of the Environment
Telephone: (02) 6274 1900

Register as a scientific organisation


You will only be granted a permit if you can demonstrate that you and/or your organisation can satisfy the following requirements:

  • The research is done by a person or institution that has sufficient resources and qualifications.
  • The researcher publishes, or makes available for inspection, the results of the research.
  • If asked by the Minister, the researcher gives to the Minister written information about the progress and results of the research.
  • During and after the research, the researcher does not allow the specimen, or progeny or products of the specimen, to be used primarily for commercial purposes.
  • For research involving a live animal, the animal is held in a way that is known to result in minimal stress and risk of injury to the animal.
  • In the case of research in which an animal is killed, the killing is done in a way that is generally accepted to minimise pain and suffering.
  • The number of specimens to be imported or exported is appropriate to the needs of the research.
  • If possible, the specimen comes from an animal bred in captivity or artificially propagated plant.
  • For a specimen listed as a threatened species, the export is not inconsistent with any recovery plan for the species.