Wildlife Trade Fees


Fees for wildlife trade permit applications have changed. The new fees are outlined in the table below.

For more detailed information about how the new fees have been established, see:

Schedule of fees for the import and export of wildlife and wildlife products as at 1 July 2015

Description Fees—Single use Fees—Multiple Consignment Authority^
Export or import of living and non-living specimens (other than those mentioned below) (s303CG, s303DG, s303EN)* $64 $159 per 6 months
Export or Import of household pets (s303FG)* $319  
Export or re-export of a manufactured CITES II specimen as an accompanied personal effect e.g. crocodile products or mounted butterflies (s303CG)** $2  
Export or import of living or non-living specimens approved where exceptional circumstances exist and the import or export of the specimen would not adversely affect biodiversity (s303GB)* $319  
Import or export of a live specimen if law requires an assessment of conditions applicable to the welfare of the specimen and those conditions have not previously been assessed (live mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds) (s303CG, s303DG, s303EN)* $319  
Testing permit (s303GD)* $159 $159

^ Multiple consignment authority, formerly referred to as a Multiple Use Permit

* Refer to the relevant section of the EPBC Act

** In the case of personal baggage permits, one application can include multiple permits. Fees are charged per permit rather than per application.

For more information contact:

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