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Australian weeds strategy

A national approach for weed management in Australia
Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

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About the strategy

The Australian Weeds Strategy (first developed in 1997 as the National Weeds Strategy) provides a framework to establish consistent guidance for all parties, and identifies priorities for weed management across the nation with the aim of minimising the impact of weeds on Australia's environmental, economic and social assets.

The original Strategy was revised by the Australian Weeds Committee, and endorsed as the Australian Weeds Strategy by the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council on 24 November 2006. The revised Strategy maintains the policy focus of the National Weeds Strategy, taking into account changes to the institutions, legislation, policies and programs that support weed management in Australia.

The Australian Weeds Strategy is a vital part of Australia's integrated approach to national biosecurity, and complements other existing and new national strategies for invasive species, such as those for terrestrial vertebrate pests and marine pests. 

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