Weeds in Australia

How you can help


Invasive plants present an extremely serious threat to Australia's natural environment and agricultural regions. It is estimated that weeds cost Australian agricultural production $4 billion each year. Unless the spread of invasive plants is slowed down, future generations may be left with the legacy of a degraded Australian landscape, which will have a major impact on Australia's primary industries, trade and economy.

Given the scale of the problem, it's not surprising we need to adopt a multifaceted approach. We all need to play a part. The Australian Government and the state and territory governments work collaboratively to implement national eradication programs for weeds in Australia. Farmers too, play a critical role. Many farmers are proactively working to eradicate invasive plants and already have weed management plans in place.

To assist in solving the weed problem, consider the following:

Spotted something unusual? – Report new weeds