Weeds in Australia

Grants and Government

Grants and Government

The primary responsibility for weed management rests with landholders/land managers, but collective action is necessary where the problem is beyond the capacity of the individual landholder or land manager to address.

The Australian Government, state and territory governments, industry and landholders all play important roles in managing weeds.

The Australian Government is responsible for international border protection, regulates the import and export of plant material and manages Commonwealth lands such as defence establishments and Commonwealth national parks.  The Australian Government also administers legislation, policies and programs and associated activities to manage weeds at the national level.

State and territory governments encourage responsible weed management through regulation, developing and implementing effective policies and programs, such as research and awareness and educational activities, and providing positive support through financial incentives and assistance schemes as well as appropriate standards and regulations.

Local governments manage weed problems on their own land and support weed management through activities such as the development of local weed strategies and community weed management programs.

Grants and funding

The Australian Government's Caring for our Country  initiative aims to achieve an environment that is healthy, better protected, well-managed, resilient, and that provides essential ecosystem services in a changing climate. Funding for weed-related projects under Caring for our Country is targeted at reducing the spread and impact of Weeds of National Significance (WONS).