CAN001 Methods for the field euthanasia of cane toads


Prepared by:
Trudy Sharp, Glen Saunders - Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, Industry & Investment NSW
Andrew Lothian, Adam Munn - School of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong

In 2009 under a contract with the department, the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries developed a Standard Operating Procedure for the field euthanasia of cane toads.

This document is aimed at community action ‘toad-busting’ groups, residential communities, land management agencies and other government employees and researchers.

When killing toads, it’s important to use humane procedures that are reliable, avoid distress for the toad, and produce fast loss of consciousness without pain until death occurs. The procedures manual outlines several methods for identifying, humanely killing and disposing of cane toads. It also identifies methods of killing that are not appropriate.

The recommendations in this document are based on the latest scientific literature and the results of a recent trial by the University of Wollongong that examined the impact of various euthanasia techniques on cane toads. The department will continue to review these euthanasia methods as new information becomes available.

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