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Australian Biological Resources Study

Flora of Australia

Compiled by A.McCusker


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J - K

juvenile: of leaves, formed on a young plant and different in form from the adult leaves.

karyoevolution: evolutionary change in the chromosome set, expressed as changes in number and gross structure of the chromosomes; (more broadly), evolutionary relationships between taxa as indicated by karyotype differences.

karyotype: the gross morphology of the chromosome set, described in terms of number, length, centromere position, etc.

keel: a ridge like the keel of a boat; in Fabaceae, a boat-shaped structure formed by fusion of the two anterior petals of a flower.

keeled: of leaves, petals or bracts, folded and ridged along the midrib.

Kingdom (= regnum): the most inclusive taxonomic rank recognised by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (some authors have used the informal rank of Domain above that of Kingdom).

kwongan: low sand heath or sand plain sclerophyllous vegetation common in south-western W.A.

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