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Flora of Australia GLOSSARY

Compiled by A.McCusker


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This glossary contains terms used in all volumes of the Flora of Australia, but with particular reference to the flowering plant volumes (Vol. 2-47, 49, 50).

In the printed form of Flora of Australia a main Glossary appears in Volume 1 (1st edn 1981; 2nd edn 1999). Volumes subsequently produced contain Supplementary Glossaries, with terms needed for particular families. In addition, specialised glossaries for the ferns, gymnosperms and their allies appear in Flora of Australia Vol. 48, and for bryophytes in Flora of Australia Vol. 51 (in prep.). The glossary for the ferns, gymnosperms and their allies is available at this site.

This electronic Glossary is a synthesis of all hard-copy Glossaries and Supplementary Glossaries published to date, and will be updated as future volumes are published. It is the standard to be used by authors compiling future treatments for Flora of Australia. It is also the official Glossary for Species Plantarum - Flora of the World.

Lichen and Fungi Glossaries
A glossary has been published for the lichens in Flora of Australia Vol. 54, and for the fungi in Fungi of Australia Vol. 1A. Both these glossaries are available on line.

Algae Glossary
Algae of Australia, a series currently under development, will also have a specialised glossary.

Alternative Terms
Where alternative terms are given in this Glossary, the unbracketted alternative is the preferred terminology for use in Flora of Australia and Species Plantarum.

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