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Species Lyramorpha (Lyramorpha) perelegans Vollenhoven, 1868

  • Lyramorpha perelegans Vollenhoven, S.C.S. van 1868. Essai d'un Faune entomologique de l'Archipel indo-néerlandais. 3ème Monographie: famille des Pentatomides. Pt 1. La Haye : Martinus Nijhoff 49 pp. [35].
    Type data:
     Syntype(s) NHMW sex unknown (depository uncertain), Australia.



Extra Distribution Information

No exact locality known.

Ecological Descriptors

Arboreal, diurnal, folivore, herbivore, sap-feeder, terrestrial, volant.


General References

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Rolston, L.H., Aalbu, R.L., Murray, M.J. & Rider, D.A. 1993. A catalog of the Tessaratomidae of the world. Papua New Guinea Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 36: 36-108 [45] (catalogue)

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