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11 May 2006 - E.D. (Ted) Edwards (after Tarmann 2005)


The superfamily Zygaenoidea includes the families Zygaenidae (burnets and foresters) Dalceridae (dalcerid moths), Epipyropidae (planthopper parasites), Limacodidae (saddleback caterpillars, slug caterpillar moths, and slug caterpillars), Lacturidae, Cyclotornidae, Megalopygidae (flannel moths) and Pyromorphidae (smoky moths). Only Zygaenidae, Epipyropidae, Limacodidae, Lacturidae and Cyclotornidae occur in Australia; the family Cyclotornidae is endemic to Australia. Nielsen and Common (1991) diagnose the superfamily.


General References

Nielsen, E.S. & Common, I.F.B. 1991. Lepidoptera (Moths and Butterflies). pp. 817-915, pls 7, 8 in CSIRO (ed.). The Insects of Australia. 2 vols. Carlton : Melbourne University Press xiii + vi + 1075 pp., 8 pls.


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