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2011 - A. Newton, M. Thayer (both Field Museum, Chicago, Ill. USA), D. Jennings, T. Weir (Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences) (Newton, A.F. & Thayer, M.K., created 2007)

30 June 2007 - Australian Biological Resources Study


This section of the Australian Faunal Directory contains details of several of the beetle families assigned to Staphylinoidea, but as yet, not the very large group within the Staphylinidae, the Staphylinae. Included at present are the Hydraenidae, small aquatic to semi-aquatic beetles; the Ptiliidae, commonly known as feather-wing beetles; the Silphidae, carrion or burrowing beetles; and the staphylinid subfamily, Pselaphidae, ant-like litter beetles.

Database Notes

Only a small number of the taxa in this superfamily have been databased as yet for the Australian Faunal Directory. Others will be added as they become available.


General References

Newton, A.F. & Thayer, M.K. created 2007. PEET Austral Staphylinidae. [accessed Feb 2011]


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