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2009 - ABRS, following publication of Clayton et al. (2006), see Database Notes below; 2009 — further updates in Gekkonidae and Scincidae, and changes to classification in the latter

1983 - Harold G. Cogger, Elizabeth E. Cameron & Heather M. Cogger


Since publication of the 1983 Zoological Catalogue (Cogger et al. 1983), many additional species of reptiles have been added to the Australian fauna (917 species now listed) and many taxonomic re-assignments have been proposed. Those affecting reptiles have been incorporated into the current revision.

In the 1983 Catalogue, many decisions as to the validity of particular taxa were arbitrary, usually because there were conflicting opinions in the literature, because original descriptions and diagnoses were poor and unassessable, or because particular nomenclatural acts often were not widely accepted by specialists within the group. More recent studies, especially in molecular phylogenetics, have led to considerable refinement of reptile taxonomy.

The references in the introduction of the original Catalogue are still included here, but for the interesting discourse on preparation of the Catalogue and the history of reptile work in Australia, a user is referred to the published work.

Database Notes

While the records for Australian Reptiles have been updated, given the extraordinary interest shown in Australian reptiles over the last 20 or so years and extensive volume of publications, the general literature has not been updated. Users are directed to the latest edition of the Reptiles & Amphibians of Australia (Cogger 2000) and A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia (Wilson & Swan 2003). Subspecies names generally follow Clayton et al. 2006; where difficulties were encountered in assigning synonymic names to subspecies, a category of 'Unplaced to Subspecies' is used. Future thorough taxonomic revisions may clarify some of these problematic names.


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