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Gordian Worms, Horse-hair Worms

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October 2011 - ABRS, with thanks to Dr A. Schmidt-Rhaesa for assistance with references


Although Schmidt-Rhaesa (2002) notes that seven Nematomorph species are recorded for Australia, but he lists eight species. Two further species were described by Schmidt-Rhaesa and Bryant (2004), bringing the total to ten.

These curious parasitic worms, known as 'Horsehair Worms' or 'Gordian Worms' are parasites of arthropods, including spiders, beetles and mantids (Schmidt-Rhaesa 2001) and vertebrates such as fishes and frogs. The life cycle of species that parasitise praying mantids is described by Schmidt-Rhaesa (2001). The Australian Museum website has an interesting account of these worms.


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