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This group has not been updated and referencing is very incomplete. We hope to be able to rectify this before too long (ABRS, February 2008).

A. Zwick recently completed a project on Anthelidae (Zwick 2006) and published several papers arising from that study (Zwick 2008, 2009).


General References

Zwick, A. 2006. Phylogenetic analyses and taxonomy of Anthelidae (Lepidoptera). PhD Thesis, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

Zwick, A. 2008. Molecular phylogeny of Anthelidae and other bombycoid taxa (Lepidoptera: Bombycoidea). Systematic Entomology 33: 190-209

Zwick, A. 2009. The principal structure of male genital sclerites and muscles of bombycoid moths, with special reference to Anthelidae (Lepidoptera: Bombycoidea). Arthropod Structure & Development 38: 147-161


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