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Genus Agonosoma Laporte, 1832

  • Agonosoma Laporte, F.L. de 1832. Essai d'une classification systématique de l'ordre des Hémiptères (Hémiptères Héteroptères, Latr.). Magasin de Zoologie (Paris) 2: 1-88 pls 51-55 [date follows the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature Direction 63/1956] [62] (as Eurygaster subgenus).
    Type species:
     Agonosoma flavolineata Laporte, 1832 by monotypy.
  • Agonocoris Bergroth, E. 1891. Contributions à l'étude des Pentatomides. Revue d'Entomologie (Caen) 10: 200-235 [235] (unnecessary replacement name).





Extra Distribution Information

Endemic to the tropics of the Neotropical zoogeographic region (Mexico, Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Suriname) Introduced to West Indies and Australia

General References

Cassis, G. & Vanags, L. 2006. Jewel Bugs of Australia (Insecta: Heteroptera: Scutelleridae). Denisia Neue Serie 50: 275-398 [329] (diagnosis, distribution)


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