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Species Calliphara nobilis (Linnaeus, 1763)

Generic Combinations

  • Calliphara nobilis (Linnaeus, 1763).




Northern Territory

Extra Distribution Information

Darwin district; Broadly distributed in southeast Asia from China (including Taiwan) and Burma in the north, and through Indo-Malaysian peninsula, as well as the Philippines and New Guinea.

Distribution References

Ecological Descriptors

Herbivore (associated flora: Macaranga tanarius (L.) Mull.Arg. [EUPHORBIACEAE] Blush Macaranga (??); Xanthium strumarium L. [ASTERACEAE] (West Pakistan); Acer oblongum Wall. [SAPINDACEAE] (Japan); Rhizophora sp. [RHIZOPHORACEAE] (Singapore); Exoecaria agallocha L. [EUPHORBIACEAE] (Singapore)).


General References

Cassis, G. & Vanags, L. 2006. Jewel Bugs of Australia (Insecta: Heteroptera: Scutelleridae). Denisia Neue Serie 50: 275-398 [342] (nomenclatorial history)


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