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Renewable energy

Renewable Energy Commercialisation in Australia

Renewable energy commercialisation in Australia

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HOT DRY ROCK - Introduction
  1. Validation of hot dry rock resources in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales
  2. Hot dry rock geothermal reservoir development


  1. Photovoltaic trough concentration system
  2. Commercial solar concentrator systems (for electricity and hot water)
  3. Efficiency improvements in commercial multicrystalline solar cells
  4. Solar Kogarah-developing and commercialising sustainable energy technology
  5. CitiPower's 100 Rooftops photovoltaic program
  6. Full commercialisation of Plug&PowerTM
  7. Deployment of Australian thin-film photovoltaic technology
  8. Solar photovoltaic systems in Northern Territory remote power stations
  9. A 220kW solar power station for the Anangu Pitjantjatjara lands
  10. Building integrated solar power in a Brisbane high rise
  11. Australian photovoltaic solar roof tile
  12. Establishment of the titania solar tiles and wall panels manufacturing facility
  13. Development of a solar wall building-integrated photovoltaic demonstration system
  14. Solar Sailor-a catamaran powered by dual renewable energy
  15. Queen Victoria Market urban integrated photovoltaics

WAVE - Introduction

  1. The power of the surf
  2. Installation and demonstration of a 20kW offshore wave energy system

WIND - Introduction

  1. Advanced high-penetration wind-diesel power system
  2. Exmouth advanced mini wind farm project

SOLAR THERMAL - Introduction

  1. Tidbinbilla Regional Visitor Information Centre
  2. Solar hot water provided cheaply
  3. Solar pond for industrial process heat
  4. Advanced solar water heater with pressed tray thermal collector
  5. Vacuum tube solar thermal collector
  6. Australian release of the Solartech Genius solar hot water system
  7. Solar energy can be harnessed to cool grains
  8. Stored solar energy for space heating and industrial process heat

BIOMASS - Introduction

  1. Auspine renewable energy commercialisation project
  2. Renewable ethanol fuel production project
  3. A new source of energy emerges from a prickly problem
  4. Mimosa pigra-turning a weed into electricity
  5. The Renewable Energy-Organic Conversion Centre
  6. Bioenergy-Integrated mallee processing
  7. Food biomass to green energy
  8. Bulk bagasse dewatering station at Racecourse Mill
  9. Innovation in harvesting, processing and transporting camphor laurel
  10. ReOrganic Energy Swanbank- solution to waste management
  11. Factory-based 'cane trash' separation system
  12. Rocky Point Sugar Mill-renewable energy project
  13. Mackay Region Sugar Mills-increased renewable energy production through improved boiler efficiency
  14. Solid waste energy recycling facility
  15. Green gasifier generator-a micro gasifier turbine development

HYDRO - Introduction

  1. Generation from Canals as Part of Water Management in Southern New South Wales

ENABLING - Introduction

  1. International Environmental Strategies Program
  2. Commercialisation of IPS wind/diesel/energy storage technology
  3. King Island wind energy innovations
  4. Remote area energy storage innovations
  5. Commercialisation of solar charge control technology
  6. Commercialisation of a valve-regulated lead acid battery for renewable energy systems
  7. The zinc bromine battery for renewable energy applications
  8. Commercialisation of innovative Australian inverters

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