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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Renewable Energy Showcase


W.H. Heck & Sons Pty Ltd and Stanwell Corporation Ltd for the design and installation of the latest technology, 30MWe biomass cogeneration plant at the Rocky Point Sugar Mill, south of Brisbane. The plant will operate year-round, using renewable biomass material such as bagasse and locally sourced waste to provide green electricity to the Queensland grid. The technology developed for this project can be used as a model for other sugar mills in Australia and overseas and will encourage the use of renewable fuels that would otherwise be disposed of as landfill and pit burning. $3,000,000 grant.
Project Contact: Mr David Heck , Rocky Point Sugar Mill
Ph: 07 5546 2422

Brightstar Environmental Ltd for the design, construction and installation of a solid waste energy and recycling facility (SWERF) at a municipal waste facility located at Whytes Gully, near Wollongong, NSW. The facility will recover reusable and recyclable resources prior to the conversion of the organic components into gas and then electricity. The SWERF technology integrates leading edge waste processing, waste separation and gasification technologies with proven power generation technology. It offers an environmentally responsible solution to waste disposal problems in developed and developing countries and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. $2,000,000 grant.
Project contact: Mr Martin Gravett, Brightstar Environmental
Ph: 07 3275 5621

Western Power Corporation and Powercorp Pty Ltd for the development and installation of an advanced control technology and energy storage system for an additional two variable speed wind turbines system in Denham, near Shark Bay, WA. Powercorp is responsible for the design and construction of the wind technology system's smart computer technology and flywheel energy storage system necessary to achieve the integration with Western Power's existing power system. Wind turbine output is highly variable and diesel is used to maintain power generation stability. The energy storage and smart computer system allows the provision of grid quality power almost entirely from a renewable energy source and will help Australia tap into the lucrative renewable remote area power market. $1,000,000 grant.
Project contact: Mr Adrian Chegwidden, Western Power
Ph: 08 9326 4902