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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Renewable Energy Industry Program (REIP)


CitiPower Pty for the installation of at least 50 grid-connected rooftop systems at reduced prices in Victoria using Australian technologies only. The project aims to demonstrate the viability of such systems in domestic and small scale commercial usage for supply of electricity into the grid. It will help accelerate the commercialisation and uptake of PV and assist in increasing sales of Australian made equipment whilst enabling participating customers to make their own contribution to the reduction in Australia's greenhouse emissions. $60,000 grant.
Project contact: Mr Peter Zwack, CitiPower
Ph: 03 9297 8900

Integral Energy to support its International Environmental Strategies Program (IESP) which seeks to develop long term business success for small and medium sized (SME) Australian manufacturers of renewable energy products, particularly in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Following financial, management and technical assessments by Integral, six renewable energy SMEs were included in the IESP receiving business development assistance to export their products including diagnostic analysis, quality assurance, marketing and export programs. $350,000 grant.
Project contact: Mr David Morrison, Integral Energy
Ph: 02 9853 6706

Solahart Industries Pty Ltd for the commercialisation of an advanced pressed tray collector for solar hot water systems. With the aim of tapping into the lucrative European solar hot water market, Solahart have developed an innovative pressed tray collector. The collector includes an open circuit, selective surface absorber with a high quality, coloured finish, press formed case suitable for recess mounting or integration with the roofing structure. Solahart has expanded its current production facilities to integrate the newly designed collector and to meet the anticipated growth in demand for this product. $200,000 grant.
Project contact: Mr Mal Hayes, Solahart
Ph: 08 9458 6211

Sugar Research Institute (SRI), Mackay Sugar Cooperative - Farleigh Mill, and Rolls Royce Industrial Power (Pacific) Ltd for the detailed design and financial evaluation of an advanced swirl burn combustion system (SBCS) to improve the capacity and efficiency of existing boilers fired by bagasse, a biomass waste by-product in sugar mills. By enabling more electricity to be generated from the same quantity of bagasse, this swirl burner technology expands the potential of bagasse as a source of green energy in the Australian sugar industry. Completed in late 1999, the project has shown SBCS technology to be financially attractive for retrofit to existing boilers in sugar mills planning to significantly expand their cane processing capacity. It thus helps pave the way for a wider market uptake of this technology both in Australia and overseas whilst making a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse emissions. $200,000 grant.
Project contact: Dr Terry Dixon, SRI
Ph: 07 4952 7600

Ocean Power Technologies (Australasia) Pty Ltd for the construction and installation of a 20kW wave power generation system. The generator, resembling a large buoy, will be moored off the Victorian coast near Portland and will generate renewable power for transmission to the mainland. Wave power is typically available for 90% of the time and has a high energy density compared with other renewable energy sources. Experience gained in manufacture, installation, electronics and maintenance will be used to install other wave power projects of this type throughout Australasia. $230,000 grant.
Project contact: Michael Slonim, Ocean Power Technologies
Ph: 03 9642 1366

Biomass Energy Services and Technology Pty Ltd (BEST) in collaboration with the NT Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, and the Power and Water Authority of the Northern Territory, to determine the feasibility of using noxious weeds as a fuel for power generation and as a raw material for manufacture of charcoal and briquettes. The project utilised Mimosa Pigra, an aggressive, noxious, woody weed that renders well-watered and fertile land otherwise unproductive. The study established that through innovative harvesting and processing technology, noxious weeds can yield valuable solid and gaseous green-energy sources. $200,000 grant.
Project Contact: Dr Stephen Joseph, BEST
Ph: 02 4340 4911

ANUTECH Pty Ltd, Solahart Industries Pty Ltd and Western Power Corporation, to build a 20kW grid-connected solar PV trough concentrator electricity generation plant to demonstrate and evaluate the commercial potential of this technology. It uses parabolic trough-shaped mirrors to concentrate the sun's energy onto a line of highly efficient solar PV cells, which produce the electricity. The relatively inexpensive mirrors substantially reduce the quantity of expensive PV modules required per unit of electricity generated. Success of this demonstration project will help realise the strong market prospects for this renewable energy technology to provide clean, cost-competitive electricity. The technology has particular potential to displace high greenhouse-gas-emitting diesel as the source of electricity to mini-grids in rural and remote areas of Australia and overseas. This project has just been commissioned: early data suggests that the rating of the system (20kW) will be met. $300,000 grant.
Project Contact: Dr Andreas Luzzi, Anutech
Ph: 02 6249 5680