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Publications archive - Waste and recycling


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Waste and recycling in Australia

Short paper
Department of the Environment and Heritage, February 2006

About the paper

In 2003 the Environment Protection and Heritage Council agreed that Australian waste policies are ‘too narrow, reactive and focused on end-of-pipe waste, rather than sustainable, proactive, life-cycle oriented materials management’.

In response to this, a Productivity Commission Inquiry was proposed in May 2004 as one way to achieve a better understanding of waste issues at the national level and to inform future policy development. The Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into waste generation and resource efficiency in Australia commenced in late October 2005.

To inform its submission to the Inquiry, the Department of the Environment and Heritage has commissioned Hyder Consulting (now incorporating Nolan-ITU) to provide a short paper on waste and recycling in Australia, including data on waste disposal in Australia, a summary of the environmental impacts of waste disposal, and an identification and discussion of the barriers to recycling consumer waste products.

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