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Publications archive - Waste and recycling


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On-farm Composting of Municipal and Commercial Organics as an Environmentally and Socially SustainableResource Recovery Scheme for Rural Communities

June 2003,
Environment Australia

14 Miscellaneous

14.1 Publicising of Project

The on-farm composting project was publicised widely. Apart from articles in the local paper, the project was presented and promoted through the following channels:



Only now, since all technical and financial information has been collated, analysed and interpreted will it be possible to write comprehensive articles that are directed at a specific audience. Since there is much to be gained by local authorities in rural and regional areas from the information gathered during the project, articles will be published in journals that are widely read by relevant council staff.

Results will be also published in waste management and agricultural journals.

14.2 Implications for the Future

Crows Nest Shire

Crows Nest Shire Council was very pleased with the results of the Highfields Organic Recycling Project. When the outcomes of the project were presented to council in April 2003, a motion was passed that the tested organics recycling scheme with on-farm composting be included as one of the options to be assessed in the forthcoming feasibility study that will be carried out within the process of developing a regional waste management strategy.

Bega Valley Shire

The author's presentation in Melbourne (April 2002) encouraged Bega Valley Shire Council to consider on-farm composting as part of their waste minimisation and resource recovery efforts.

Bundaberg City Council, Burnett Shire Council, Isis Shire Council, Kolan Shire Council

Following a presentation in Coolangatta (March 2003), Bundaberg City Council showed interest in developing a green organics management strategy that involved local farmers. It is envisaged that this will be done in conjunction with three neighbouring local authorities, Burnett, Isis and Kolan Shire Councils.

14.3 Problems Encountered

Securing of third party funding

Due to the limited time available for project development, partnering and the preparation of the submission, not all third party funding was secured at the time the Expression of Interest was submitted. By the time Environment Australia had selected this project as being worthy of funding, the major prospective third party contributor, the owner of Town & Country Septic Services, had died in a tragic accident. Talks and negotiations with his widow regarding support for the project were difficult and lengthy. However, due to these circumstances Environment Australia granted a three-month extension of Phase 1, during which Town & Country Septic Services agreed to support the proposed activities.

Cooperation with Town & Country Industries

See Section 13.