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Business Sustainability: A cleaner production approach to small business management

Student Manual

Environment Australia
October 2000
ISBN 0642547149

Business Sustainability: A cleaner production approach to small business management is a tertiary education course designed by Global Environment Corporation for Environment Australia. It was designed for use by small business managers, business and environmental studies students. The course does not require that the teacher have a background in cleaner production.

Business Sustainability is a stand-alone course, designed to run over 12 weeks, with three tutorial sessions per week. The main focus of the course is a cleaner production audit. In groups of three, students 'recruit' a local small business and perform a cleaner production audit of the business, identifying areas where resources (materials, energy, water, etc) can be saved. The students then present a business improvement plan to the business.

Through the course students develop a range of skills, including: marketing their proposal to a small business, working with a small business in a consultancy role, team skills, project management, data collection and validation. The course can also be easily altered to be presented directly to small business owners - adopting the cleaner production measures identified through the course should improve the business' productivity and their environmental performance.

* Note to course facilitators. The version of this course presented here is the Student Manual. A Facilitator Manual, with additional information on class activities, is available from Environment Australia on request at the phone number or email listed above.

Table of Contents

Session 1: Course Introduction and Description

Session 2: Awareness of Wastage

Session 3: Introduction to Cleaner Production Assessment

Session 4: The Small Business Client

Session 5: Student Teams

Session 6: Presentation to Small Business

Session 7: Team Rules

Session 8: Power of Team

Session 9: Tutorial - Small Business Presentations

Session 10: Preliminary Assessment - Part 1

Session 11: Preliminary Assessment - Part 2

Session 12: Preliminary Assessment - Part 3

Session 13: Preliminary Assessment - Part 4

Session 14: Preliminary Assessment - Part 5

Session 15: Environmental Awareness

Session 16 & 17: Tutorial - Preliminary Assessment Report

Session 18: Detailed Study - Part 1

Session 19: Detailed Study - Part 2

Session 20: Detailed Study - Part 3

Session 21: Detailed Study - Part 4

Session 22: Detailed Study - Part 5

Session 23 & 24: Tutorial - Detailed Study

Session 25: Detailed Study - Part 6

Session 26 & 27: Tutorial - Detailed Study

Session 28: Detailed Study - Part 7

Session 29: Detailed Study - Part 8

Session 30 to 33: Tutorial - Detailed Study

Session 34: Course Review

Session 35 & 36: Tutorial - Business Improvement Plans

Preliminary Assessment Worksheets