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Business Sustainability: A cleaner production approach to small business management

Student Manual

Environment Australia
October 2000
ISBN 0642547149

Business Sustainability: Session 8 - Power of Teams

Objective of this Session To complete an exercise that demonstrates that the capability of a team is greater than that of any of its members
The following topics will be covered in this session
Team Exercise

Team Exercise


This is a "fun" exercise to demonstrate the power of teams.

Class Activity

Objective: to demonstrate the power of teams - that an effective team can achieve more than any of the individuals working independently.

An exercise may be presented to complete individually, then complete as a team. The outcome will demonstrate (in most cases) that the team performance is better than any members of the team can do individually.

* Note to course facilitators. The version of this course presented here is the Student Manual. A Facilitator Manual, with additional information on class activities, is available from Environment Australia on request, please contact Environment Australia's Community Information Unit, phone 1800 803 772 (outside of Australia +61 2 6274 1221), or email

Finishing Activity

Objective: to think about what you have learned from the previous exercise and how it might apply to your own teamwork.

Reflect on learning from the previous activity and how teamwork might be advantageous in working on the cleaner production project.