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Business Sustainability: A cleaner production approach to small business management

Student Manual

Environment Australia
October 2000
ISBN 0642547149

Business Sustainability: Session 34 - Course Review

Objective of this Session To be introduced to the Reflection Paper task, provide feedback on the course, and (optional) to provide peer evaluations to team members.
The following topics will be covered in this session
Reflection Paper
Discussion and Feedback on Project and Coursework
Review of Team Performance
Evaluation Questionnaires

Reflection Paper

Student Assessment Task

Write a 1000-word paper on the project, to be handed in one week from today. The paper will comprise answers to the following three questions.

  1. Apart from the material presented in the course, what new insights did you develop into the cleaner production method during the project?
  2. Again, putting aside what was taught in lectures, what new insights did you develop into the way your client business was managed?
  3. What did you learn about yourself during this project? In particular, what are your strengths and weaknesses related to working in a team?

This is an individual task and there should be no collaboration with other team members.

Discussion and Feedback on Project and Coursework

Class Activity

The educational institution and the course designers would both like feedback on your impressions of the course. The following questions might be asked and discussed with the class.


Review of Team Performance


The purpose of the following questions is to reinforce learning from the experience of working as a team.

Class Activity

Discuss within the team the following questions with respect to the team's performance during the project. The team's answers are confidential to the team.


Consider the following areas of team performance and rate your team by placing a tick in the appropriate box. Discuss the rating and the reasons for it.

Performance Factor Team performed well Team performed satisfactorily Team performed poorly

Relationship with client staff

Overall success of the project

Did everyone "pull their weight"?

How were the team dynamics?

Did the team share information?

Was the project fun?

Other Questions

Review Team Rules

Review the outcome of discussions of the four questions discussed in Session 7. Have your opinions changed and, in light of your answer, would you change any of your team rules?

Evaluation Questionnaires


The following questionnaires should be confidential between the person completing the form and the facilitator.

SME Evaluation of Student Team

The SME Manager may be asked the following questions in a questionnaire: