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Business Sustainability: A cleaner production approach to small business management

Student Manual

Environment Australia
October 2000
ISBN 0642547149

Business Sustainability: Session 29 - Detailed Study - Part 8

Objective of this Session To obtain guidelines and a structure for writing the business improvement plan and detailed study report.
The following topics will be covered in this session
Business Improvement Plan
Detailed Study Report

Business Improvement Plan

Element 5 of Detailed Study

Detailed study elements:

  1. Data collection and validation;
  2. Data assessment;
  3. Improvement options;
  4. Targets for process improvement;
  5. Business improvement plan.


After deciding on improvement options, and setting targets and indicators, the business improvement plan can be developed.

Development of Business Improvement Plan

There will be three stages in writing your business improvement plan. The first is to draft the plan. The second is to work with the business representative on the team to prepare a presentation to the business manager. The third is to review the plan in the light of feedback from the business manager and finalise it.

Contents of Plan

The improvement plan contains:

Layout of Plan

Students are free to choose their own layout for the business improvement plan. The plan should not exceed 10 pages. A plan summary may be included (see Figure 29.1 below for an example).

Project No. Title Project objectives Project cost Payback period Commence-ment date Schedule -Completion date Person Responsible
1 Soak guns Save solvent Nil Immediate 1 March 99 1 May 99 Supervisor
2 Solvent recovery Recover and reuse solvent $1500 capital plus $120. 1.4 yrs 1 March 99 30 June 99 Technical Manager
3 Smaller pack size Stop decanting spillage $200 per year No payback 1 July 99 31 May 2000 Supply Manager

Figure 29.1: Summary table of Business Improvement Plan for Spray Painting Works

Detailed Study Report


The objective of the detailed study report is simply to document the work done. This is largely a compilation of the documentation developed during this phase of the project, and supplements the business improvement plan.

Format of the Report

The report might include the following sections:

  1. Overall objective;
  2. Brief summary of methodology;
  3. Executive Summary of Preliminary Assessment Report;
  4. Data assessment; and
  5. Selection of options and targets.