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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Eco-efficiency & Cleaner Production case studies by industry type

Case studies are organised by Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) Divisions.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

01 Agriculture

Pig Farming - Total Waste Management System; Reuse of Waste Products - Berrybank Farm Piggery

02 Services to Agriculture

Production of Soil Conditioner Biological Soil Conditioner Reduces Chemical Use - Nutratherm


11 Coal Mining

Coal Mining - Utilisation of Methane to Generate Electricity - BHP Appin and Tower Collieries

13 Metal Ore Mining

Bauxite Mines and Alumina Refineries - Cleaner Production Initiatives - Alcoa World Alumina
Integrated Metal Ore Mining and Processing - Applying Industrial Ecology to Enhance the Industrial System by Re-using Raw Materials and Decreasing Waste - Pasminco Australia Ltd
Metal Ore Mining -  Reduction in Electricity Use - Mount Isa Mines
Metal Ore Mining - Reduction in Water Usage per Unit of Production - WMC Limited

14 Other Mining

Construction Material Mining - Reduction in Airborne Dust and Cleaning Costs, Sale of Waste Limestone Dust - Blue Circle Southern Cement


21 Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing

Tuna Processing - Reducing Water Usage and Wastewater - Tony's Tuna International
Bakery Product Manufacturing - Heat Recovery for Reuse in Proofing Ovens - Goodman Fielder Baking Australia
Beer, Soft Drink, and Syrup Manufacturing - Using Technology Modifications to Reduce Energy and Water Use and Enhance Materials Recycling - Cascade Brewery Company
Beer and Malt Manufacturing - Natural Gas Cogeneration Replaces Electricity for Malt-Drying - Adelaide Malting
Beer and Malt Manufacturing - Southcorp Environmental Management System Meets Needs of Diverse Global Population
Beer and Malt Manufacturing - The Monitoring and Pre-treatment of Brewery Trade Waste Prior to Discharge - Carlton & United Brewery
Beer and Malt Manufacturing - Reducing Consumption of Water and Compressed Air - Carlton & United Breweries
Dairy Product Manufacturing - Cleaner Production - Demonstration Project - Bonlac Foods Stanhope (1 of 2)
Dairy Product Manufacturing - Utilisation of a Fully Automated Cleaning System in a Milk Processing Plant - Pauls Limited (NT)
Food Manufacturing - Better Management of Wastewater - Smiths Snackfood Company
Food Manufacturing - Reducing Solid Wastes from Waste Water - Heinz Wattie's
Food Manufacturing - Reducing Salt Load in Waste Water and Reducing Water Use - Irymple Citrus Products
Food Manufacturing - Swift Payback on Investment - Murray Goulburn Cooperative
Food Manufacturing - Flour Power - Nestle
Food Manufacturing - Emulsion Recovery - Uncle Ben's
Food Manufacturing - Reducing Waste at Product Change Over - Uncle Ben's
Food Manufacturing - Reducing Energy and Water Use - Chiquita Mushrooms
Food Manufacturing - Reducing Waste Water - Ardmona Foods
Food Manufacturing - Reducing Fuel Cost of Steam Production - Ardmona Foods
Sugar Manufacturing - Replacement of Coal with Biogas - NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative
Food Manufacturing - Supply Chain Environmental Management
Fruit and Vegetable Processing - Reuse, Recycle and Treatment Options - Banksia Food Products
Fruit and Vegetable Processing - Recovery of Citrus Oil and Molasses - The Original Juice Company
Poultry Processing - Cleaner Production Changes - Plenty to Crow About - Joe's Poultry Processors
Seafood Processing - Reduction of Water Consumption and Pollution Load - A Raptis & Sons Pty Ltd
Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing - Recovery and Reuse of Filter Backwash Water - Coca-Cola Amatil
Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing - Environmental Efficiencies = Sales Force Effectiveness - Coca Cola Amatil
Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing - Reducing Downtime - Coca Cola Amatil
Wine Manufacturing - Re-using Winery Wastewater to Irrigate Redgum Plantations - Berri Estates

22 Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Manufacturing

Auto Textiles - Supply Chain Environmental Management
Leather Tanning and Fur Dressing - Improved Usage of Tanning Chemicals - Carlile Brothers
Leather Tanning and Fur Dressing - Recovery and Recycling of Chrome Liquors - VHSP Pty Ltd
Textile Finishing - Computerised Ink Paste Mixing - Hubert Textiles Pty Ltd
Textile Finishing - Reduction in Water, Energy and Chemical Use; Cold Pad Batch Dying - Australian Dyeing Company
Textile Finishing - Environmental Audit and Implementation of Cleaner Production Measures; Reductions in Water and Chemical Usage - Australian Country Spinners
Wool Scouring - Increased Recovery of Wool Grease; Optimisation of Sulphuric Acid Usage - ConAgra Wool
Wool Scouring - Environmental Audit and Introduction of Multiple Cleaner Production Measures - Goulburn Wool Scour
Wool Scouring and Combing - EMS Substantiates Geelong Wool Combing's Environmental Approach

23 Wood and Paper Product Manufacturing

Fabricated Wood Manufacturing - Environmental Audit and Introduction of Multiple Cleaner Production Measures - CSR Wood Panels
Other Wood Product Manufacturing - Elimination of Solvents and Thinners - Coating Australia Pty Ltd
Plantation Softwoods Processing - Creating a Recycling Loop - Heritage Industries
Cleaner Production - Closing the Waste Loops - Australian Newsprint Mills (1 of 2)

24 Printing, Publishing and Recorded Media

Printing and Services to Printing - Solvent-free Dampner Cleaning - The Printing Office
Printing and Services to Printing - Reduction of Solvent Use in Cleaning of Printing Screens - Cutler Brands
Printing and Services to Printing - Solvent Recovery in Flexographic Printing - Fildes Pty Ltd
Printing and Services to Printing - Reduction in Solvents for Cleaning - Amcor Packaging (Australia)
Printing and Services to Printing - Solvent Reduction - WR Grace (Australia)

25 Petroleum, Coal, Chemical and Associated Product Manufacturing

Basic Chemical Manufacturing - Zero Waste, Zero Releases, Zero Emissions - Dupont
Cleansing Preparation Manufacturing - Decrease in Sludge and Wastewater - Nowra Chemical Manufacturers
Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing - Minimisation of Hazardous Waste - Bayer Formulation Plant
Organic Industrial Chemical Manufacturing - Conversion of Dunder to Saleable Fertiliser; Reduction in Water Consumption - CSR Distilleries
Paint Manufacturing - Recovery and Distillation of Used Wash Solvent - Wattyl Australia
Paint Manufacturing - Waste Water Elimination - Parr Paints
Petroleum refining - Reduction of Hydrocarbons; Recycling Wastewater - ICI Olefines
Petroleum refining - Solid Waste Management - At a Refinery - Caltex Refinery, Lytton, Qld
Petroleum refining - Cleaner Fuels - BP Refinery Kwinana
Plastic Injection Moulded Product Manufacturing - Improved Factory Lighting - NCI Plastics (VIC)
Rubber Product Manufacturing - Reduction of Waste from Synthetic Rubber Testing and Unreacted Styrene - Kemcor Australia
Synthetic Resin Manufacturing - Recovery of Acrylic Latex from Wastewater - BASF Australia

26 Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing

Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing- Cleaner Production Demonstration Project, Solid Waste Minimisation, Improving Wastewater Quality, Batch House Dust Collection System, Standard Operating Procedures, Environmental Awareness Training - ACI Glass Packaging
Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing - Improving Process Efficiency - Tiwest: Kwinana Pigment Plant

27 Metal Product Manufacturing

Aluminium Smelting - Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction -Capral Aluminium
Aluminium Smelting - Zero Waste to Landfill Goal - Portland Aluminium
Aluminium Smelting - Dry Scrubbing Project - Comalco Aluminium (Bell Bay) Limited -
Automotive Equipment and Parts Manufacturing - Producing Lead-free High Performance Engine Bearings - ACL Bearing Company
Electrical Equipment and Appliance Manufacturing - Chemical Use Reduction; Recycling for Packaging; Waste Reduction; Energy Use Reduction - Robert Bosch Australia
Iron and Steel Casting and Forging - Sand Reclamation - Austcast
Iron and Steel Casting and Forging - Optimisation of Binder and Catalyst Addition - Steel Castings Pty Ltd
Iron and Steel Manufacturing - Processing Wastewater through Reed Beds - OneSteel Whyalla Steelworks
Mineral Processing - Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation - Plant and New Markets for Wastes - Iluka Resources
Metal Coating and Finishing Reduced Energy Consumption - Bordex Wine Racks Australia
Metal Coating and Finishing - Electrophoretic Plating - Gainsborough Hardware Industries
Metal Coating and Finishing - Reduction in Water, Energy, Raw Materials and Waste - Queensland Electroplating
Metal Coating and Finishing - Reduction of Waste Fluids by Electrolytical Preflux Treatment - Industrial Galvanisers Corporation
Metal Coating and Finishing - Reduction in Waste; Decrease in Rework - Korvest Galvanisers
Metal Coating and Finishing - Metal Recovery in Electroplating - Email Ltd, Kitchen and Bathroom Products Division
Metal Coating and Finishing - Phosphate Pre-Treatment of Steel - Always Powder Coating
Metal Coating and Finishing - Wastewater Reuse in Zinc Plating - Protectakote Pty Ltd
Metal Coating and Finishing - Replacement of Salt Baths with Fluidised Bed Furnaces - Quality Heat Treatment
Metal Coating and Finishing - Replacement of Methylene Chloride Based Paint Stripping Process with Pyrolysis Process - Intrepid Industries
Nickel Refinery - Energy and Water Re-use - Queensland Nickel Refinery

28 Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

Aircraft Manufacturing - Replacement of Methylene Chloride and Phenyl Based Paint Stripping Solution with a Benzyl Alcohol Based Product - Qantas Airways
Electrical Equipment and Appliances - Southcorp Environmental Management System Meets Needs of Diverse Global Population
Electrical Equipment and Appliances -Eco-Efficient Production of Solar Hot Water Systems - Solahart
Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing and Painting - Performance Based Contracting Reduces Emissions from Car Body Finishing - PPG Industries and Ford Australia
Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing - Manufacturing Extruded and Moulded Rubber Products for Automotive Sealing and Antivibration Systems - BTR Automotive
Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing - Replacement of Hot Caustic Paint Stripping Process with High Pressure Water Jet System - Ford Australia
Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing - Replacement of Electrostatic Spray Guns with Plastic Electrostatic Rotary Bells; Replacement of Hot Caustic Paint Stripping with Sand Furnace - Trico
Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing - Error Detection Systems; Water Based Lubricants Recycling; Water Retreatment Plant - Hendersons Automotive Group
Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing - Machining Coolant Recycling - Unidrive
Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing - Solid Waste Reduction - Insulform Pty Ltd
Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing - Waste Minimisation Strategy - Monroe Australia
Motor Vehicle Engine Manufacturing - Chemical Management Program - Holden's Engine Company/ Castrol Plus
Photographic and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing - Use of Energy-Efficient Tri-Prosphor Lamps - Kodak (Australasia)
Railway Equipment Manufacturing - Improved Effluent Treatment Systems - Australian National Railways

29 Other Manufacturing

Appliance Manufacturing - Design for Environment, Water Conserving Dual Flush Toilet - Caroma
Appliance Manufacturing - Design for Environment, Water and Power Saving DishDrawer Dishwasher - Fisher & Paykel
Furniture Manufacturing - Design for Environment, Sustainable Commercial Furniture - Wharington Re-Define Furniture
Furniture Manufacturing - Schiavello Attracts Customers with Environmental Performance
Furniture Manufacturing - Redirection of Timber Dust from Landfill to Agricultural Use - Mayco Industries
Pool Manufacturing - Creating a Healthier Workplace - Narellan Pools
Grocery Manufacturing - Design for Environment, Eco-Friendly Household Goods - SC Johnson
Packaging - Southcorp Environmental Management System Meets Needs of Diverse Global Population

Electricity, Gas and Water Supply

36 Electricity and Gas Supply

Electricity Supply - ACTEW Integrates Environmental Management into all Operational Areas
Electricity Supply - Demonstration Plant to Combine Renewable Energy Generation with Salinity Abatement - Western Power

37 Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services

Water Supply - Efficiency Improvements in Water Treatment Process - Aqwest-Bunbury Water Board
Water Supply - ACTEW Integrates Environmental Management into all Operational Areas
Water Supply - LCA of Biosolids Processing Options - Sydney Water Corporation
Water and Wastewater Products and Services - Using LCA as a Tool to Compare Similar Products Made From Different Materials - Everhard Industries


41 General Construction

Building Construction - Waste Minimisation and Recycling - Fletcher Construction Australia
Building Construction -Energy Efficiency and Waste Management Initiatives - Dale Alcock Homes
Building Construction - Eco-Efficiency in Building Design, Construction and Operation - Moreland City Council
Waterproofing of Buildings - Water Based Damp Course Protection Chemicals - Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems
Other Construction Services - Recycling of Demolition Materials - Lightning Property Services

Retail Trade

52 Personal and Household Good Retailing

Department Stores - Hanger Project Reuse and Recycling Strategy - Myer Grace Bros

53 Motor Vehicle Retailing and Services

Automotive Body Repair and Services - Breaking the open-loop solvent stream - Peter Wilkinson & Co Pty Ltd
Automotive Electrical Services - Improved Wastewater by Design of Washing Technology - Lee and Thomas Electrics
Automotive Radiator Repair and Services - Waterwise initiatives make financial 'cents' - Joondalup Radiator Service
Automotive Repair and Services - Improved Oil Handling and Disposal - Rocklea Diesel Injection Service
Automotive Repair and Services - Managing waste efficiently - Hammond 4WD Centre
Automotive Repair and Services - Reuse of liquid resources in diesel fuel injection parts processing - Diesel Specialists Pty Ltd
Automotive Repair and Services - Using an ultrasonic parts washer to generate financial savings and reduce environmental impacts - Rowell & Searle Auto Transmissions Pty Ltd
Automotive Smash Repairing - EMS Brings Major Benefits to Cranwell Collision Repair
Automotive Smash Repairing - Waste Reduction and Chemical Minimisation - Oxford Panels
Automotive Smash Repairing - Paint Stripping Using Plastic Media - Carstrip
Automotive Smash Repairing - Solvents Recycling - CP Crash Repairs
Automotive Smash Repairing - Installation of Sanding Area with Downdrought Floor - Bignell Panel Repairs
Automotive Smash Repairing - Solvent Recovery Unit - Bailey Motors and Panel Works
Automotive Smash Repairing - HVLP Spray Guns, High Solid Paints, Reuse of Paint Strainers; Dustless Sand Blaster, Finishing Orbital Sander, Disc Sanding Gause, Reuse of Plastic Wrapping - Wynum Car Renovators Panel Beating and Towing
Automotive Smash Repairing - Spray Painting Industry - Reuse and Recycling of Water in the Spray Painting Process - GT Motors (GTM)
Automotive Smash Repairing - Wastewater Reuse and Minimisation - Weatherall Smash Repairs
Automotive Fuel Retailing - Geothermal air conditioning and other energy efficiency measures - Caltex Airport StarMart (Canberra)
Motor Vehicle Radiator Repairing - Wastewater Recycling - Radiator Warehouse
Motor Vehicle Services - Site Cleanup, Pollution Containment - Mount Gravatt Auto Wreckers
Motor Vehicle Services - Water Reclamation and Recycling; Atmospheric Heat Extraction Heat Pump; Lighting Energy Conservation - Carlovers Carwash

Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants

57 Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants

Hotel Operation - Total Energy Management System - Ayers Rock Resort
Hotel Operation - Energy Management, Improved Chemical Usage, Water Minimisation, Waste Minimisation, Recycling - Hotel Kurrajong
Hotel Operation - Efficient Operation of Lighting, Hot Water and Air Conditioning - Hotel Inter Continental Sydney
Hotel Operation - Energy and Water Efficiency, Chlorine-Free Cleaning Chemicals, Recycling - Parkroyal on St Kilda Road
Hotel Operation - Recycling, Energy and Water Conservation - The Regent Sydney

Finance and Insurance

73 Finance

Banks - Energy Conservation - Westpac Banking Corporation

75 Services to Finance and Insurance

Financial Asset Investors - Energy Efficiency, Electronic Reporting, Recycling, Reuse of Recycled Products - Norwich Union Financial Services

Property and Business Services

78 Business Services

Cleaning Services - Water Jet Floor Cleaning and Effluent Recycling System - SCS Specialised Services
Computer Services - Composting in the Workplace - Compaq Australia
Information Storage and Retrieval Services - Paper Conservation, Energy Conservation, Recovery and Reuse of Waste and Storm Water - Moore Business Systems Australia
Office Appliances - Design for environment, Eco-manufacturing, Reprocessing and Reusing Components of Office Appliances - Fuji Xerox
Other Business Services -Recycling and Re-use in Parks and Gardens Maintenance - Rellney Construction

Government Administration and Defence

81 Government Administration

Local Government Administration and Services - Taking a Holistic Approach Towards Decreasing Greenhouse Emissions and Recycling Waste - Hobart City Council


84 Education

Education - EMS is a Living Document for The University of Queensland
Education - On-site Neutralization of Laboratory Wastewater - Northern Territory University
Education - Waste Minimisation Strategies - Halls of Residence

Health and Community Services

86 Health Services

Hospital Operation - Recycling; Segregation of Waste; Non-Disposable Cutlery and Crockery; Bed Pan Sanitisation; Use of Recycled Products; Energy Conservation - Flinders Medical Centre
Hospital Operation - Saving a Million Dollars in Operational Costs Through Performance Based Contracting - Launceston General Hospital

Cultural and Recreational Services

91 Motion Picture, Radio and Television Services

Television Services -Implementation of the Waste Minimisation Hierarchy - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Television Victoria Pty Ltd

92 Recreational Parks and Gardens

Wildlife Sanctuary Operation -Total Waste Management within a Wildlife Conservation and Research Park - Crocodylus Park
Zoo Operation - Waste Reduction, Energy and Water Efficiency - Perth Zoo

Personal and Other Services

95 Personal Services

Business and Professional Associations - An Innovative Code of Practice for Mainstreaming Cleaner Production and Eco-Efficiency - WA Sustainable Industry Group
Laundries and Dry Cleaners - Remaining Solvent in the Dry Cleaning Industry - Quality Dry Cleaners
Laundries and Dry Cleaners - Energy Efficiency and Waste Minimisation - Atlas Dry Cleaners
Photographic Film Processing - Recovery of Bleach Solution - United Photo and Graphic Services

96 Other Services

Composting Services - Design for Environment, Eco-friendly Worm Farms - Reln Plastics
Manufacturing Services - Reducing the Volume of General Waste - Bush Boake Allen Australia