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Used Oil in Australia

Prepared by Meinhardt Infrastructure & Environment Group
Environment Australia
January 2002


ABARE Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Research Economics
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
AIP Australian Institute of Petroleum
ANZEC Australian and New Zealand Environment Council (succeeded by ANZECC in 1991)
ANZECC Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council
ANZSIC Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification
ASIC Australian Standard Industrial Classification (superseded by ANZSIC)
ATO Australian Taxation Office
AWD Australian Waste Database
Base stock The base oil fluid, usually a refined petroleum fraction or a selected synthetic material, into which additives are blended to produce finished lubricants
CCA Copper-chromium-arsenic
Compounded oil A petroleum oil to which has been added other chemical substances
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
DEP Department of Environment Protection (WA)
DISR Department of Industry, Science and Resources
DIY Do-it-yourself
DPIE Department of Primary Industry and Energy
EPA Environment(al) Protection Agency / Authority
GNI Gross National Income
GNP Gross National Product
Inhibitor Any substance that slows or prevents such chemical reactions as corrosion or oxidation
IORAA Independent Oil Recyclers Association of Australia
Lubricant Any substance interposed between two surfaces in relative motion for the purpose of reducing the friction and / or wear between them
ORAA Oil Recyclers Association of Australia
PSA Product Stewardship Arrangements
Re-refining A process of reclaiming lubricant oils and restoring them to a condition similar to that of virgin stocks by filtration, clay adsorption or more elaborate methods
UNEP United Nations Environment Program
US EPA United States Environment Protection Agency