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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Oil Stewardship Advisory Council - 7th Meeting, 11 February 2003

No. Item Background/Report Discussion/Action Further Action Required Time Frame
1 Welcome Attendees: Mike Williamson (Chair), Mark Borlace, David Braham, Doug Hagen, Cathie Halliday, Wayne Hart, Peter Holt, Paul Howlett, Martin Kirwan, Bryan Nye, Gary O'Connor, Andrew Poole, Bob Pullinger.

Apologies: Fred Wren, Peter Burnett

Environment Australia: Paul Dworjanyn, Tim Armstrong, Donna Bond.

Visitors: Dr Brett Cohen (Warnken Industrial and Social Ecology) for morning tea and presentation of Item 12.
Noted Mr Glyde had transferred to the position of Chief Finance Officer for Dept of Environment and Heritage.

Mr Peter Burnett is acting as Division Head.
2 Adoption of the Draft Agenda Agenda Item 12 moved to immediately follow morning tea due to Dr Cohen's flight times. OSAC adopted the draft agenda.    
3 Previous Minutes Martin Kirwan noted that his name was not listed as an attendee and he was present at the meeting.

Peter Holt noted that Patrick Colmer was incorrectly listed as the ATO attendee.
Following the changes to the attendance list, the Minutes of the last meeting were approved without amendment.

Moved by Cathie Halliday.

Seconded by Gary O'Connor.
EA to amend and update on internet 21 days
4 Declaration of Conflicts of Interest in Agenda Items No conflicts of interest were declared.      
5 Oral report from the ATO The representative for the Commissioner of Taxation provided his report, Tabling two graphs - (i) PSO levy collected; and (ii) PSO benefits paid for July 2001- December 2002)
  • FY 2001-2002: $21.5 m collected, $8.06 m benefits paid.
  • Jul - Dec 2002 receipts and payments: $11.8m collected, $5.02m benefits paid.
  • ATO had completed 4 company audits and was satisfied with levels of compliance found. ATO had used this opportunity to educate companies on record keeping requirements.Will advise on future audits as appropriate
Noted that information could not be provided on a state-by-state basis due to strict privacy requirements. Some states only have one company registered.
Request that future reports also identify quantities of oil by benefit category be listed as well as amounts paid out by benefit category.

Request that further information be provided on the definitions and breakdowns of categories 3 and 4.
ATO to modify graph to provide requested information. Next meeting
6 Oral report from EA on Transitional Assistance Funds Environment Australia noted that information regarding EOI projects funded under the transitional assistance program was still embargoed and would not be released until the Minister publicly announced the projects.

Advertisement for EOI round 3 will be in the newspapers on Sat 15 February.

One month will be allowed for submissions.

21 applications seeking approximately $8 million were received under EOI 2. The Minister approved 4 of these and sought further information for another 3.

A further 32 local councils had received funding totalling $600k, bringing the total to 229 councils and approx. $5m.

A grant has been awarded to EcoRecycle Victoria to complete and promote the collection facility network in Victoria. Seeking to develop similar strategic partnerships in the other States and Territories.
Members noted that OSAC5 (June 2002) agreed that information regarding the transitional assistance program would be provided by EA. Members noted that details of Council funding had not yet been released and this was unsatisfactory. EA to update progress

Chair to write to Minister raising concerns about lack of information flow from EA.
Next meeting
7 OSAC working group reports Working groups met on 10 February.

Communication - chaired by Bryan Nye

Holistic - chaired by Paul Howlett

Markets - chaired by Martin Kirwan

Collection - chaired by Bob Pullinger

Strategic - chaired by Mike Williamson
The chair and members noted pleasure with the significant progress made with the working groups.

Members supported the communication strategy and the brochure.
8 Oral Report from EA on Performance Measures in the Strategic Plan Members discussed the 5 performance measures from the strategic plan.
  1. provide EA/Minister with recommendations for priorities to be considered for Transitional Assistance funding in EOI Round 3 by end October 2002.

    - Decided that parameters were broad enough so no need to change the Admin Guidelines.
  2. funds for collection infrastructure provided to all interested rural councils and identify appropriate rural centres as collection hubs by end of FY2002-03

    - Solidly locked down
  3. provide Minister with advice on comprehensive communication strategy by end of FY2002-03

    - Minister has approved PSO Communication strategy but still to be considered by the Government's Ministerial Council on Government Communication (MCGC) - will advise OSAC on outcomes out of session.
  4. provide Minister with advice on a forward agenda to address other related waste issues (eg oil contaminated packaging, tyres, end of life vehicles etc) by end of FY2002-03

    - Clearly an important issue. Chair has indicated that he will be taking up this matter in his letter to the Minister.
  5. 30% per annum increase in the amount of waste oil recycled achieved by 2004-05 compared to FY1999-00 base year

    - Annual Report is with the Minister for clearance. As soon as it has been cleared, copies will be provided to OSAC.
  EA - OSAC to be advised of MCGC outcomes out of session.

Chair to include in letter to Minister or raise with office.

9 Action items from previous meeting Delynda report

Consultancy has been delayed due to the principal consultant's daughter being badly injured in the Bali bombings last year. There was no further discussion on this report.Letters from the Chair

The Chair (through Environment Australia) wrote to ChemCollect, drumMUSTER and the Kerbside Recycling Group to introduce OSAC and identify synergies.
The final Delynda report will be distributed to OSAC members once it has been finalised and cleared.

Except for ChemCollect SA - responses have not been received.

Issues from the floor
  • Mr Hart requested that the Oil Testing report stay on the agenda until such time as the results are released.
  • Mr Poole asked about status of Fuchs assessment

    - EA advised Fuchs withdrew their application. before the consultant had finished their assessment.
  • One member raised concern that the Market Barrier Study had not been done.

    - EA reminded members that was discussed at OSAC 6 and the department would incorporate consideration of market barriers in the Mid-term review of the PSO.
  • Some members raised concerns about the limited information from EA re Council funding and EOI studies.

    - Members were reminded of OSAC's role as an advisory council to the Minister, and that certain information could only be released to the Council with the Minister's approval. EA was only withholding information that had not been relased by the Minister or that was 'commercial-in-confidence'. The chair agreed to write to the Minister expressing OSAC's concern.
EA to circulate report once received and cleared

Oil Testing report to remain an agenda item

Chair to write to Minister
10 Oral Report from EA on Tradeable Certificates and Mid-Term Review of PSO TA Program Consultants for the Tradeable Certificate consultancy have been selected and a contract has been drawn up but not signed as yet. They are expected to make a presentation at the next OSAC meeting.

Subject to Ministerial approval it was EA's expectation that a Mid-term Review would be conducted during the 2003-04 financial year..
Chair noted support for a review proceeding. Presentation by consultants on the Tradeable Certificates

EA. Status report on Mid-term review
Next meeting

Next meeting
11 Report from EA on Exemptions from the PSO Levy No discussion      
12 Presentation from Warnken Industrial and Social Ecology Dr Brett Cohen gave a presentation on his consultancy to investigate the use of waste oil in the hydroponic and greenhouse industries. Noted

Some members offered to provide Dr Cohen with information to assist with his research.
Individual members as required  
13 Oral Report from Bob Pullinger on the New Oil Recyclers Association - AORA The Oil Recyclers Association of Australia and the Independent Australian Oil Recyclers Association have merged to form the Australian Oil Recyclers Association. This association now represents about 95% of all collectors and refiners in Australia. Noted    
14 Oral Report from EA on OSAC Re-Appointments Six memberships (including the chair) expire on 16 Feb 2003. Cathie Halliday is also retiring.

Each affected member was handed a letter inviting him or her to submit an expression of interest to EA for re-appointment. This submission should include an updated CV and statement of commercial interests in the oil industry. It is due by 7 March 2003. This request is not to be construed as an offer, as decisions on membership are at the discretion of the Minister.
Noted Affected members to respond to Mr Dworjanyn. By 7 March
Other business   There was no other business. On behalf of OSAC that Chair thanked Cr Halliday for her contributions to OSAC and suggested that perhaps EA/Minister may consider offering her a position on OSAC as a community representative. Ms Halliday thanked Mr Williamson and said she would be happy to continue to have a role on OSAC if the Minister agreed.    
15 Next meeting July in Brisbane