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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Oil Stewardship Advisory Council - 4th Meeting, 5 December 2001

Present at the meeting were:

Mike Williamson (Chair)
Mark Borlace
David Braham
Patrick Colmer
Malcolm Forbes (for Phillip Glyde)
Doug Hagen
Cathie Halliday
Wayne Hart
Paul Howlett
Martin Kirwan
Graham McGarry
Ewen McPherson (for Bryan Nye)
Gary O'Connor
Andrew Poole
Fred Wren

Bruce Male (Environment Australia)
Donna Bond (Secretariat officer)
Richard LaGanza (Special Projects - Fuchs) - present for Item 11 only
Alf Untersteller (Managing Director - Fuchs) - present for Item 11 only
Pierre Muehlheim (Application Technology Manager - Fuchs) - present for Item 11 only

Summary Record of Discussions and Resolutions

Standing Items

Item 1: Welcome

Mr Williamson welcomed delegates and apologised for his late arrival, which he explained was due to Melbourne traffic. Mr Williamson introduced Mr Ewen McPherson (representing Mr Bryan Nye) and Mr Forbes apologised for Mr Phil Glyde who was unable to attend.

Item 2: Adoption of the Draft Agenda

Item 3: Approval of Minutes of the Last Meeting

Item 4: Expression of Conflicts of Interest

Item 5: Australian Taxation Office - Report (Patrick Colmer)

Mr Colmer reported:

Mr McPherson asked about the status of the annual report. Mr Forbes explained that the report was completed before the election and, following clearance by the new Minister, will be tabled in Parliament. This is expected to occur early in 2002.

Mr O'Connor asked which categories generated benefit claims/payments. Mr Colmer answered that most claims have been for burner fuels (categories 5 and 6) with some claims for diesel (category 3). There have been no claims for base oil or diesel extenders (categories 1, 2 and 4).

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

Item 6: Transitional Assistance Funds - Environment Australia (Bruce Male)

Mr Male reported:

Ms Halliday asked how much money Environment Australia intends to allocate to the local government grants program. Mr Male said that he anticipated spending up to $8 million, but noted that an upper limit has not been set.

Mr Poole asked whether earlier suggestions to make all waste oil facilities uniform would be incorporated in the letter to be sent to councils. Mr Male said that Environment Australia would try and put together a set of principles or desired design features, but noted that Environment Australia does not want to be too restrictive.

There was general discussion about the proposed principles/desirable features. This discussion covered the purity of the waste oil; preventing water entering storage facilities; signage; location; training/staffing; monitoring; linkages to other facilities; and packaging.

Mr McGarry stated that he didn't support funding going to capital cities, as it is his view that the numerous problems in regional/rural Australia should give these regions priority.

Mr Borlace asked whether anyone is working on technology to re-refine base oil. Mr Male said that Environment Australia had received grant applications from companies wishing to re-refine base oil. These applications are being assessed.

Mr Williamson announced that he would be meeting the new Minister on behalf of Collex. He asked whether OSAC members wanted him to mention anything on their behalf.

Item 7: "Missing Oil" Consultancy - Environment Australia (Bruce Male)

Mr Male reported:

Mr McPherson mentioned that plastic do-it-yourself containers absorb oil during storage and that this could account for some of the missing oil.

Item 8: Tradeable Certificates - Environment Australia (Bruce Male)

Mr Male reported that the consultancy on Tradeable Certificates has been completed and Environment Australia is preparing a brief for the Minister to consider. Mr Male noted that he was not able to discuss the contents of the report prior to the Minister's consideration but committed to provide the report to OSAC members as soon as possible.

Item 9: The Packaging Covenant - Environment Australia (Bruce Male)

Mr Male reported:

Mr McPherson said that the AIP has almost finished drafting its Action Plan. It schedules a trial in the first year and, if successful, will see the establishment of a collection and recycling scheme handling approx 3000 tonnes of plastic by the end of the third year.

OSAC noted the report.

Item 10: Testing Of Base Oils - Environment Australia (Bruce Male)

Mr Male reported:

Mr O'Connor mentioned the Queensland regulations and the risk of PCBs contaminating waste oil. Mr Male said that PCB contaminated oil is classed as a hazardous or toxic waste and must be managed and disposed of under appropriate State and Territory legislation. Mr Kirwan stated that his operation has strict testing in place to make sure PCBs etc are not present before the waste oil gets put through his system.

Other Business

Legislation Review

3c/litre benefit category

Remote Areas

OSAC Vision

Australian Environmental Labelling Association

Compact Discs

Item 12: Next Meeting

Mr Williamson stated that all OSAC appointments expire on 16 February 2002. He suggested that the next meeting be held in Canberra at Parliament House during sitting time, following the reappointment of members.

Summary of Follow-Up Activities




Agenda items for next meeting