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Water efficiency inspections prompt reminder

31 August 2009

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Companies selling nationally regulated water using products are being reminded that they must register and label their products in line with national laws.

Federal environment department spokeswoman Kelly Benson said recent inspections at plumbing supply premises in South East Queensland focused on possible breaches of the national Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act 2005.

“We’re looking at whether or not WELS regulated products being sold at company business premises are appropriately registered and labelled as required under the legislation,” Ms Benson said.

“In particular, we’ve been looking at products such as water-wasting showerheads, toilets and tapware.  However, other products must also meet these requirements including toilets, urinals, clothes washing machines and dishwashers.

“These laws are in place for a reason—we’re facing a future with less water and we need people to make informed and smart choices about water use and water efficient products.

“So it’s very important for suppliers of these types of products to operate within these laws and standards.”

Under the legislation, suppliers must register these products and must have the correct water-rating information on the product for consumers.

The maximum penalty for failing to correctly register and label products is $6000 for a corporation and $1320 for an individual.

Ms Benson encouraged consumers to only buy the above products where they are clearly WELS labelled to show their water efficiency performance.

For more information on the legislation or for consumer advice, call 1800 218 478 (toll-free) or email

For more information on the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme and the products which fall under the scheme, visit