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Media Release

May 1998

Industry have the opportunity to be involved in determining the way it reports emissions for the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) - a national internet database of pollutant emissions.

From July 1 1998, larger Australian industrial facilities which use more than a specified amount of the chemicals listed on the NPI, will be required to estimate and report annually their emissions. This data will then be compiled and set among contextual information and loaded onto the internet.

Draft industry handbooks to assist facilities estimate their emissions of the substances listed on the NPI are currently being developed and are circulated for public comment as the drafts are finalised. This process will continue until around September this year.

The handbooks contain a range of emission estimation techniques for different types of industrial processes.

Industry associations, individual operators, and community groups are invited to review and comment on the draft handbooks as they become available.

Once the handbooks are finalised they will be compiled for each sector and then distributed to individual reporting facilities.

Reporting facilities will only be required to report if an industry handbook has been produced for their sector.

The Queensland Department of Environment, the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the West Australian Department of Environmental Protection are developing the handbooks in conjunction with Environment Australia.

Estimates of emissions from smaller industry and household activities will also be included on the NPI.

For more information about the NPI and handbooks contact Environment Australia on ph 1800 657 945, fax (02) 6274 1610, email

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Eleanor Dean (02) 6274 1817
May 1998