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Visitor access and swimming at the top of Twin Falls

10 March 2004

Traditional owners and park staff in Kakadu National Park are working to allow swimming at the top of Twin Falls and to re-open walking access there in time for the start of the visitor season.

"There has been a misperception in some reporting that all swimming at Twin Falls, and other places in Kakadu, has been stopped. That is not the case," Director of National Parks, Peter Cochrane, said today.

Walking access to the top of Twin Falls was closed in 2003 because of safety concerns with the route being used and unstable rock formations in the area. Traditional owners and park staff have been working on plans for safe walking access to the top of the escarpment above Twin Falls, and safe viewing and safe viewing from the top of near the top of Twin Falls, over the past six months.

"Viewing the grand Kakadu landscape from the escarpment above top of Twin Falls, and having the opportunity to swim in rock pools above the falls, is a magnificent experience for park visitors," Mr Cochrane said

"Making sure that this attraction is available to visitors is an important part of the $1 million dollar investment package for Twin Falls this year that was announced last week.

"The tourism industry is a key partner in presenting Kakadu to all Australians and people around the world and we are I am very pleased that working hard with traditional owners to make are helping to make safe access to the top of Twin Falls available to the public," Mr Cochrane said.

Contact: Mr Peter Cochrane 0419 125 137