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Measuring Cetane Number: Options for diesel and alternative diesel fuels

Discussion paper and submissions
Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2004


Discussion paper


Unless marked as 'Confidential' all submissions have been treated as public documents and are posted below.

About the discussion paper and submissions

On 7 April 2004 the Department of the Environment and Heritage released a brief discussion paper to stakeholders titled 'Measuring Cetane Number: options for diesel and alternative diesel fuels'.

The objectives of this paper are to:

This information will be used to inform future policy decisions on managing cetane through the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000.

These issues are discussed further in terms of their impacts on the regulation of cetane properties of diesel and alternative diesel fuels and the implications for stakeholders.

Please Note: This is not a position paper. This is not a request for tender or a request for quotation.

Request for comments closed on 30 April.