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Submission by Environment Australia to the Industry Commission's Inquiry into Ecologically Sustainable Land Management

Submission from Environment Australia
June 1997


Environment Australia is the Environment Program of the Commonwealth Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories. It is responsible for providing advice and administration to the Commonwealth Government on the Government's environmental policies and programs, in particular those relating to biodiversity conservation, wildlife protection, sustainable land and water use, native vegetation protection, water quality management, greenhouse response measures, environmental information, environmental economics, and natural heritage conservation.

Ecologically sustainable land management (ESLM) is an important subject for Australia, with many complex and interrelated aspects, and is a subject of highest priority as a policy and program issue for Environment Australia .This submission is written to address (ESLM) according to the headings in the Productivity Commissions Issues Paper.


In developing strategies for ecologically sustainable land management, Environment Australia looks for solutions that will enable the natural and cultural values of the continent to be used in a way that protects these essential values for the benefit of future generations. Wise and sustainable use of our lands requires our policies and programs to be conscious of the broader social and economic contexts in which they operate.

The submission, with attachments, covers:

The main themes and conclusions that arise from the submission are as follows:

Governments need to take a range of measures to help address the degradation problems and achieve ecological sustainable land management, including:

A recommendation from the inquiry should therefore be one that sets out a framework for how assessments on ESLM should be carried out, including who should carry out such assessments. There should also be as summary of measures that can be drawn on which will allow the necessary adjustments to take place, to achieve ESLM.

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