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Resource Assessment Commission Coastal Zone Inquiry - Final Report November 1993

Resource Assessment Commission, November 1993
ISBN 0 64429457

November 1993

Appendix D Associated Publications

D.01 A number of reports and papers were prepared, but not necessarily published, in conjunction with this Inquiry. Appendix F describes arrangements for obtaining copies of publications and lists libraries holding copies.


D.02 Twenty reports dealing with matters related to the Inquiry were submitted by consultants. It should be noted that the views expressed in these reports are those of the consultants. The reports and their authors follow:


D.03 Information papers are based on research undertaken by Commission staff. Eight information papers are available:


D.04 Case studies were undertaken in collaboration with state and local governments. Six case study reports were published in conjunction with the Inquiry's draft report:


D.05 The Coastal Zone Inquiry-background paper was published in April 1992.

D.06 The Coastal Zone Inquiry Draft Report was released in February 1993 and distributed widely for comment. The Coastal Zone Inquiry draft report: summary and interim conclusions was also released at that time.

D.07 A national coastal action plan: the draft conclusions and recommendations of the Coastal Zone Inquiry was released in August 1993, providing a basis for final consultations on the Inquiry's proposals.