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NSW Coastline Management Manual

New South Wales Government
September 1990

ISBN 0730575063


The Coastline Hazard Policy is but one of a range of Government policies and initiatives relating to the coastal zone. Many of these are outlined in the NSW Coast: Government Policy. Decisions regarding the management of coastline hazards must be considered in relation to all these policies and initiatives.

Specifically, the Coastline Hazard Policy introduces a range of planning and structural measures which provide for:

In applying the Coastline Hazard Policy, all planning, development and building proposals should be treated on their merits. Social, economic, aesthetic, recreational, and ecological factors need to be considered, as well as coastline hazards. In this way, appropriate development of coastal areas will not be unnecessarily prevented, but potentially inappropriate development will either be excluded from hazardous areas or conditioned to render it compatible with the hazards and its environment.

As part of the implementation of the Policy, this Manual has been prepared to assist those responsible for management of the coastline to reach balanced, merit based decisions. The Manual sets down a management system through which local councils can better manage the coastline in accordance with the Government's requirements and provides information concerning coastal processes, hazards and hazard management measures to those involved with development proposed in proximity to the coastline and to those whose property is threatened by coastal hazards.

Under the Policy, legislation will be introduced to permit rates to be reduced for land that cannot be developed because of its hazard exposure. The Government will also legislate to provide exculpation from liability to councils for decisions and advice provided on the basis of the coastline management principles set down in this Manual.