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Portfolio Marine Group, Environment Australia

Commonwealth of Australia 1997
ISBN 0 642 54560 X

3. Key issues raised by the consultation paper

Comments on the vision, goal, objectives and key principles have been covered in the questions discussed above.

Planning and management

Nineteen submissions commented on planning and management. Again, the topic of a central agency was brought up by several of the submissions with emphasis on integrating marine and coastal management and coordination of sectoral policies and across spheres of government.

Other issues

Other issues raised include the following:

Conservation and management of Australia's marine biodiversity

Twenty-four submissions discussed this issue. The major themes of the comments included:

Marine pollution

Ten submissions gave comments on marine pollution. The majority of submissions were concerned about:

Ocean industries, employment and economic opportunities

Twenty-two submissions were interested in this issue. Some of the comments made include the following:

Our scientific understanding and science technology and data

Fifteen submissions commented on these issues. The major concerns included the following:

Indigenous issues

Nineteen submissions commented on Indigenous people's issues. The major comments included the following:

Intergovernmental issues

Fifteen submissions examined this issue. Three of these submissions again suggested one centralised agency for the management of the oceans, with seven submissions stressing the need for cooperation and collaboration with State Governments and local government in development and implementation of the Policy. Four submissions commented that local government had a major role to play in planning and management and that there is a need for more resources to carry out these functions as well as devolution of power.

Other comments included the following.

Fisheries and aquaculture

Seventeen submissions made comments on fisheries and aquaculture. There was not a common theme in the issues that were raised, with the Majority of submissions making comments specific to their own area of Interest. These comments included the following.

Petroleum, oil and minerals

Five submissions raised issues under this topic. The comments follow.

Surveillance and enforcement

Twelve submissions commented on surveillance and enforcement. The major issues raised were:

Shipping and sea safety

Seven submissions commented on this issue. Comments included the following.

International considerations

Ten submissions commented on international considerations. Comments included the following.

Community participation, public awareness and understanding

Five submissions were concerned about this issue and the following comments were made

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