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Towards a regional marine plan for the south-east

The national oceans advisory group - Australia's oceans policy

National Oceans Office, Hobart June 2000

Permission is granted to reproduce part or all of this publication
(with appropriate acknowledgment) for non-commercial purposes.

The objectives of the National Oceans Forum were:


  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Program of National Oceans Forum 14-15 April 2000 Hobart
  4. Introduction and Welcome by Dr Russell Reichelt
    Chair, National Oceans Advisory Group
  5. Speech by Senator the Hon Robert Hill
    Federal Minister for the Environment & Heritage
  6. Keynote address: 'The value of alignment' Mike Young
  7. Speech by Veronica Sakell
    Director, National Oceans Office

    Presentations by members of The National Oceans Advisory Group
  8. Commodore Sam Bateman AM RAN (Rtd)
    Centre for Maritime Policy, University of Wollongong
  9. Mike Burgess
    Tourism Industry
  10. Ian Delaney
    Indigenous Peoples
  11. Cr Rodney Dillon
    ATSIC Commissioner for Tasmania
  12. John Hirst
    The Association of Australian Ports and Marine Authorities
  13. Henry Garnier
    Torres Strait Regional Authority
  14. Alistair Gilmour
    World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)
  15. Angus Horwood
    RECFISH Australia
  16. Barry Jones
    Executive Director - Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA)
  17. Dr John Keesing
    Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA)
  18. Russ Neal
    Australian Seafood Industry Council (ASIC)
  19. Lachlan Payne
    Australian Shipping Federation (ASF)
  20. Jim Stoddart
    Minerals Industry
  21. Diane Tarte
    Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS)
  22. Geoff Wescott
    Marine and Coastal Community Network (MCCN)
  23. Martijn Wilder
    Legal Issues Baker & McKenzie (NOAG Legal Adviser)
  24. Analysis of outcomes from Group and Workshop sessions
  25. Day 1 Friday April 14 Group Discussion 1
  26. Day 1 Friday April 14 Group Discussion 2
  27. Day 1 Friday April 14 Group Discussion 3
  28. Day 1 Friday April 14 Group Discussion 4
  29. Day 2 Saturday April 15 Workshop 1
  30. Day 2 Saturday April 15 Workshop 2
  31. Day 2 Saturday April 15 Workshop 3
  32. Appendices
  33. An invitation to participate
  34. List of Participants