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Management program for the Brushtail possum Trichosurus vulpecula (Kerr) in Tasmania - Review of background information

Prepared by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, October 1996


  1. General introduction
    1. Aims and Scope
    2. Objectives
    3. Background to Wildlife Management
    4. Brushtail Possum Management
    5. Historical Background
    6. Alternative Methods of Control
    7. Present Status
  2. Habitat and distribution
    1. Habitat
    2. Distribution
    3. Density
  3. Nature conservation reserves
  4. Conservation status
  5. Biology and ecology of the Brushtail possum
    1. Diet
    2. Crop Damage caused by Brushtail Possums
    3. Reproductive Biology
    4. Population Dynamics
  6. The commercial harvest
    1. Commercial Permit Trends
    2. Commercial Harvest Trends
    3. Regional Trends in the Commercial Harvest
  7. Crop protection
    1. Crop Protection Permit Trends
    2. Regional Trends in Crop Protection
    3. Type of Crop and Method of Crop Protection
  8. Survey and monitoring
    1. Monitoring the Population
    2. Population Trends
    3. Effect of Rainfall on Possum Abundance
    4. Effect of Land-use Practices on Possum Abundance
    5. Effect of Hunting on Brushtail Possum Abundance
  9. Legislative basis for management
    1. Taking of Brushtail Possum
    2. Trading of Brushtail Possum Skins
  10. Quotas and their derivation
  11. Regulatory control and law enforcement
  12. Animal welfare
References cited

Appendix 1: Number of royalties paid on brush possums, and the number of licence/permit holders each year, 1923 - 1995.

Appendix 2: Conservation of the Brush Possum within the Tasmanian Reserve System (note: only reserves 1000 hectares or more in area are presented here)