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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Threat Abatement Plan for Competition and Land Degradation by Feral Rabbits

Biodiversity Group Environment Australia, 1999
0 642 2546355


Environment Australia would like to recognise the significant contribution of those representatives from Commonwealth, State and Territory agencies forming the Threat Abatement Advisory Group, namely Kent Williams (CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology), Greg Mutze (Animal and Plant Control Commission, SA), Tim Clancy (Queensland Department of Environment), Graham Wilson (NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service), Geof Copson (Department of Environment and Land Management, TAS), Laurie Twigg (Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory), Roger Armstrong (Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA) and Kerry Regan (Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Vic).

Officers of Environment Australia have also made major contributions to the preparation of this document, notably Mr Richard Mason, the author of the original draft, and Ms Alana Johnstone, Dr David Kay, Dr Gerry Maynes, Mr Bruce McLaren, Mr Robert Moore and Ms Tammy Stefani.



AAHL Australian Animal Health Laboratory

ANZECC Australian and New Zealand and Conservation Council

ARMCANZ Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand

EBHS European Brown Hare Syndrome

ESAC Endangered Species Advisory Committee

ESP Act Endangered Species Protection Act 1992

GIS Geographic Information System

NGO Non-government Organisation (such as World Wide Fund for Nature or Australian

Conservation Foundation)

RCD Rabbit Calicivirus Disease

RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

TAP threat abatement plan

VBC Vertebrate Biocontrol Centre (Co-operative Research Centre for Biological Control of Vertebrate Pest Populations)


Published June 1999 by Environment Australia under the Natural Heritage Trust.

Commonwealth of Australia