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Threat Abatement Plan for Predation by Feral Cats

Biodiversity Group Environment Australia, 1999
0 642 2546339

Evaluation And Review

Section 34 (2) of the Act requires that a threat abatement plan identify organisations or persons who will be involved in evaluating the performance of the plan.

Section 43 (2) requires that plans must be reviewed at intervals of no more than five years. These statutory requirements for assessment and review are intended to ensure that each threat abatement plan is an evolving document, able to build upon achievements and to be modified in the light of new knowledge or resources.

As specified in the actions relating to Objective 7, a Feral Cat Threat Abatement Team, similar in structure to the Threat Abatement Plan Advisory Group which assisted in the development of this plan, will be established to monitor the implementation of the plan. The team will include representatives from State/Territory conservation agencies, non-government conservation organisations, and experts on feral cat management and ecology. Environment Australia will provide a convenor and act as the secretariat for the team. The team will monitor achievement of the performance criteria and milestones set out in the plan and provide regular annual reports on progress.

The Act provides for a review of the threat abatement plan at any time at the discretion of the Director of National Parks and Wildlife. Environment Australia will advise the Director to request a revision of the plan if evidence is found that a feral cat control technique recommended in this plan is resulting in adverse impacts on a native species such that the species is becoming endangered.

Before the end of the five-year life of the plan an independent expert will be commissioned to examine the plan and the supporting technical documents, and the success or otherwise of management actions undertaken. Recommendations from the review will then be used to prepare another threat abatement plan for the next five year phase.

Published June 1999 by Environment Australia under the Natural Heritage Trust.

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