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National recovery plan for Arachnorchis woolcockiorum (syn. Caladenia woolcockiorum) (Woolcock's spider orchid)

Doug Bickerton
National Parks and Wildlife SA
In partnership with Threatened Plant Action Group, February 2003

Note: This publication has been superseded by the Recovery Plan for Twelve Threatened Orchids in the Lofty Block Region of South Australia 2010

Recovery Plan for Arachnorchis woolcockiorum cover page

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Appendix 1

Table 5 – A brief (not comprehensive) plant species list for selected Arachnorchis woolcockiorum sites.
Locations: Surveyor(s), Date:
  • Woods Hut 1: D. Bickerton, 20/9/00
  • Woods Hut 2: R. Bates & D. Bickerton, 12/9/99
  • Woods Hut 3: D. Bickerton, 20/9/00
  • Woods Hut 4: D. Bickerton, 20/9/00
  • Woods Hut 5: D. Bickerton, 20/9/00
  • Woods Hut 6: D. Bickerton, 20/9/00
  • Sugar Gum Camp: D. Bickerton, 28/9/99
*: Non-indigenous species
Species Location
Acacia paradoxa Woods Hut 5, 6, Sugar Gum Camp
A. pycnantha Woods Hut 1 – 6, Sugar Gum Camp
Acaena sp. Woods Hut 1 – 3, Sugar Gum Camp
*Anagallus arvensis Woods Hut 1
Billardiera versicolor Woods Hut 4
*Briza maxima Woods Hut 1, 2, Sugar Gum Camp
Bulbine bulbosa Woods Hut 1 –5, Sugar Gum Camp
Bursaria spinosa Woods Hut 2, 4, 5
Caesia vittata Woods Hut 1, 3 – 5, Sugar Gum Camp
Caladenia deformis Woods Hut 1
Arachnorchis woolcockiorum Woods Hut 1 – 6, Sugar Gum Camp
Calocephalus cinearia Woods Hut 4, 5, Sugar Gum Camp
Cassinia laevis Woods Hut 1, 3 – 6, Sugar Gum Camp
Craspedia variabilis Woods Hut 4
Cymbonotus priessianus Woods Hut 1
Daucas glochidiatus Woods Hut 5
Dianella revoluta Woods Hut 1 – 4, Sugar Gum Camp
Dodonaea viscosa Woods Hut 3 – 5
Drosera sp. Woods Hut 1
*Echium plantagineum Woods Hut 1
Elymus scabrus Woods Hut 2
Eucalyptus camaldulensis Sugar Gum Camp
E. cladocalyx Woods Hut 1, 2, 4, Sugar Gum Camp
E. goniocalyx Woods Hut 2
E. microcarpa Woods Hut 2 – 6, Sugar Gum Camp
Exocarpus cupressiformis Woods Hut 2, 3
Geranium sp. Woods Hut 2
Haloragis aspera Woods Hut 1
Hibbertia exutiacies Woods Hut 1 – 5, Sugar Gum Camp
Hydrocotyle sp. Woods Hut 2
*Hypochoeris glabra Sugar Gum Camp
Lomandra densiflora Woods Hut 1 – 4
Luzula meridionalis Woods Hut 2
Medicago sativa Woods Hut 1
Microtis sp. Woods Hut 2
Oxalis perennans Woods Hut 1, 3
Plantago spp. Woods Hut 1 – 3, Sugar Gum Camp
Poa sp. Woods Hut 2
Pterostylis robusta Woods Hut 3
Pultenaea graveolens Woods Hut 1, 4, 5
P. largiflorens Sugar Gum Camp
Ranunculus sp. Woods Hut 2
Spyridium sp. Woods Hut 3
Stackhousia monogyna Woods Hut 4
Wahlenbergia stricta Woods Hut 2, Sugar Gum Camp
Wurmbea biglandulosa flindersii Woods Hut 1, 2, 4, 5

Appendix 2 contains confidential information and is available only from the Senior Ecologist, Threatened Species, Bio-Conservation Programs, NPWSA.