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National Threatened Species Day poster

Environment Australia, September 7, 2000

Cover of >National Threatened Species Day poster 2000

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About the poster

Australia has one of the most megadiverse environments in the world, with some of the most unique plants and animals of any country in the world. Yet many of these unique species are at risk of extinction due to a range of threats including feral animals, habitat destruction and human impact.

In no more than eight generations since European settlement, Australia has lost 19 out of a total of 282 species of mammals and 20 out of 770 species of birds. Seventy-six plant species have also become extinct.

The outstanding work by dedicated volunteers on threatened species issues around Australia does not go unnoticed and we thank them for their continued support. The Federal Government has been actively supporting these community efforts through the Natural Heritage Trust. However, unless all Australians work together to save and protect our animals and plants we will continue to lose them for forever.

National Threatened Species Day is designed to draw attention to threatened species conservation issues. The day chosen, 7 September, is the day on which the last Tasmanian Tiger died in captivity in Hobart in 1936.

This year's National Threatened Species Day poster, and its associated products, are key tools in the Federal Government's endeavours to raise awareness of the plight of our wonderful plants and animals.

The poster itself is the culmination of a national design competition that invited children from around the country to tell us about their favourite endangered species and why they mean so much to them.

On behalf of the Federal Government, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Cadbury Schweppes I would like to thank the hundreds and hundreds of children and school groups around Australia who took the time to enter this wonderful poster competition.

Your efforts have been truly remarkable and I hope your involvement with this competition and the end result, this magnificent poster, inspires all Australians to take action and to BE IN THE RACE TO SAVE OUR THREATENED SPECIES.


Robert Hill
Federal Minister for Environment and Heritage