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Landscape planning for biodiversity conservation in agricultural regions: A case study from the Wheatbelt of Western Australia

Biodiversity Technical Paper, No. 2
Robert J. Lambeck, CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology
Commonwealth of Australia, 1999
ISBN 0 6422 1423 9


This project could not have been completed without the assistance of a large number of people who gave freely of their time and expertise. The most important contribution was that of the research scientists and technical staff at CSIRO's Division of Wildlife and Ecology in Perth whose work over many years provided the foundations for this study. I would also like to thank many people who participated in workshops for identifying conservation objectives and determining the resource and habitat requirements of the vulnerable plant and animal species that formed the basis of the focal species analysis.

Thanks also go to the land-holders of Wallatin Creek, for their participation in the project and for their patience, tolerance, and assistance as we trampled over their properties in our quest for an understanding of the ecology of their landscape.

John Ive of CSIRO's Division of Wildlife and Ecology provided much need support for the development of the LUPIS exercises. Greg Beeston from the Spatial Resource Information Group at Agriculture Western Australia kindly provided map sets for the analysis and Faye Lewis, also from Agriculture Western Australia provided invaluable assistance with the development of hydrological guidelines.


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