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The effects of artificial sources of water on rangeland biodiversity

Final report
Jill Landsberg, Craig D. James, Stephen R. Morton, Trevor J. Hobbs, Jacqui Stol, Alex Drew and Helen Tongway
CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology
Biodiversity Convention and Strategy Section of the Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia, January 1997
ISBN 0 6422 7010 4

"Once I was shown a little corner, a long way from the nearest water, which had managed to survive in something like its virgin state. It was a sight for sore eyes, and a very useful indication of the extent of the changes which had taken place since the white man settled the land. There was actually grass about, and the foliage of the shrubs grew down to the very ground; and I saw little bushes here which had practically vanished from the general landscape."

from Francis Ratcliffe "Flying Fox and Drifting Sand" Published in Australia by Halstead Press, Sydney (1951; pp 208-9). First published in England in 1938.


Jill Landsberg1, Craig D. James2, Stephen R. Morton1, Trevor J. Hobbs2, Jacqui Stol1, Alex Drew1 and Helen Tongway1
CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology

1 P.O. Box 84, Lyneham ACT 2602
2 P.O. Box 2111, Alice Springs NT 0871.

Photograph credits:
Jill Landsberg and Craig James.

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