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The effects of artificial sources of water on rangeland biodiversity

Final report
Jill Landsberg, Craig D. James, Stephen R. Morton, Trevor J. Hobbs, Jacqui Stol, Alex Drew and Helen Tongway
CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology
Biodiversity Convention and Strategy Section of the Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia, January 1997
ISBN 0 6422 7010 4


This study would not have been possible without the willing cooperation of the owners and managers of the pastoral properties on which we worked. We are deeply grateful for their interest, hospitality and many kindnesses.

Drs John Lawrence, Penelope Greenslade and David Rentz, CSIRO Division of Entomology and Dr Alan Andersen, CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology identified invertebrate species.

Ted Moore, Jo Palmer, Mike Lazarides, Lyn Craven, Lawrie Adams and other staff members at the National Herbarium, Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Canberra, provided facilities and much helpful advice for identifying plant specimens. Other expert identifications of herbarium specimens were provided by Terena Lally, Paul Wilson and Ray Cranfield, Western Australian Herbarium; Phillip Short, Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory; and Robyn Barker, Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and State Herbarium, South Australia. Expert field identifications at several gradients were provided by Des Nelson, CSIRO (retired) Alice Springs and John Stretch, WA Agriculture, Carnarvon.

Dr Warren Müller, CSIRO Biometrics Unit, gave valuable statistical advice and assistance.

Many other people helped in various ways with field, laboratory and glasshouse aspects of the study, some of them as unpaid volunteers. Maire Bryannah, Jaimie Cook, David Jensen, Terena Lally, Carolyn Maxfield, Steve Marsden and Hugh Pringle, in particular, provided valuable field assistance.

We thank them all.