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Approaches to bioregional planning

Biodiversity series, Paper no. 10
Department of the Environment, Sports and Territories, December 1996
ISBN 0 6422 5995 X

Conference, 30 Oct-1 Nov 1995, Melbourne

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Bioregional planning is receiving increased attention in Australia. It stresses the integration of social, economic and ecological factors in regional planning and management, and seeks to bring all stakeholders together to own and build a dynamic plan for a bioregion. The importance of bioregional planning is acknowledged in the National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia’s Biological Diversity.

The Biodiversity Unit of the Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, with the assistance of the Australian Local Government Association, the National Biodiversity Council and the Royal Australian Planning Institute, organised a conference, “Approaches to Bioregional Planning: A framework for biodiversity conservation and ecological sustainability” in Melbourne from 30 October to 1 November 1995. The aims of the conference were to explore the concept of bioregional planning and provide ideas to further its acceptance and implementation.

This two volume Paper presents the Proceedings of the Conference, and three key background papers.

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