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The Biodiversity Series intends, for the first time, to collate and make available information relating to aspects of the conservation of Australia's biodiversity - why it is globally significant, the conservation status of its components, threatening processes and current levels of knowledge. In addition the series will also include results from selected projects undertaken on behalf of the Biodiversity Unit.

Biodiversity Technical Paper Series

Papers in the Biodiversity Series

Paper No. 1

Biodiversity and its value 1993
Explains biodiversity and the three levels at which it is usually considered: genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. It also briefly discusses why biodiversity is important, especially the value of its components and diversity itself.

Paper No. 2

Australia's Biodiversity: an overview of selected significant components 1994
Provides an overview of significance for many aspects of Australia's biodiversity, including major taxonomic groups, their special adaptations and interactions with each other, and describes some areas notable for their biodiversity.

Paper No. 3

Country in Flames: proceedings of the 1994 symposium on biodiversity and fire in North Australia 1995
This Symposium brought together Aboriginal land owners, archaeologists, anthropologists, legal people, fire ecologists and land managers, to discuss the relationships between fire and biodiversity in north Australia. (Joint publication with North Australia Research Unit of the Australian National University)

Paper No. 4

Refugia for Biological Diversity in Arid and Semi-arid Australia 1995
Consultancy report to the Biodiversity Unit on the significance of refugia to biodiversity in the 70 per cent of Australia which is arid or semiarid, including an assessment of management issues.

Paper No. 5

Two Way Track - Biodiversity Conservation and Ecotourism: an investigation of linkages, mutual benefits and future opportunities 1995
Consultancy report to the Biodiversity Unit which investigates the strategic linkages, mutual benefits and future opportunities of strengthening the integration of biodiversity conservation requirements with the current and future needs of the nature-based tourism industry.

Paper No. 6

Native Vegetation Clearance, Habitat Loss and Biodiversity Decline: an overview of recent native vegetation clearance in Australia and its implications for biodiversity 1995
Presents an overview of recent native vegetation clearance in Australia both nationally and by State and Territory.

Paper No. 7

Landcover Disturbance over the Australian Continent: a contemporary assessment 1996
Consultancy report to the Biodiversity Unit which assesses landcover disturbance at a continental scale (using satellite imagery to map the type, severity and extent of landcover disturbance) and integrates this assessment with other disturbance data.
This document, is no longer available online

Paper No. 8

Fire and Biodiversity: The Effects and Effectiveness of Fire Management 1996
Proceedings of a Conference held on 8-9 October 1994 in Melbourne to discuss fire management and biodiversity conservation in temperate Australia. These proceedings complement Paper No. 3 in the Series.

Paper No. 9

Reimbursing the Future - An evaluation of motivational, voluntary, price-based, property-right, and regulatory incentives for the conservation of biodiversity 1996
Consultancy report to the Biodiversity Unit which investigates incentive instruments designed to promote the conservation of biodiversity and encourage its ecologically sustainable use.

Paper No. 10

Approaches to Bioregional Planning 1996
Background papers for, and proceedings of the conference - "Approaches to Bioregional Planning: A Framework for Biological Conservation and Ecological Sustainability" held in Melbourne 30th October - 1st November 1995.