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Asia-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy: 1996-2000

Wetlands International - Asia Pacific
International Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Bureau - Japan Committee (IWRB-J), 1996
ISBN 983 9663 18 6

Note: This publication has been superseded by Asia-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy: 2001-2005


The idea of developing a strategy for the conservation of migratory waterbirds across the flyways of the Asia-Pacific region has arisen from the willingness of participants at several recent international migratory waterbird and wetland conservation workshops, conferences and other fora to work together to conserve migratory waterbirds and their habitats.

In preparing this Strategy, Wetlands International - Asia Pacific and IWRB-J have received much support and guidance from a number of agencies and technical experts in the Asia-Pacific region and from the other flyways. We are extremely grateful for their expertise, support and encouragement through the process of the Strategy's development.

In particular, we would like to acknowledge the major roles played by the Environment Agency of Japan and the Australian Nature Conservation Agency and thank a range of other agencies and individuals who have supplied information and contributed to the development and review process.

We are grateful to all the participants and sponsors of four international meetings whose issues and views are incorporated into the Strategy. These meetings include an inter-governmental bird conservation meeting in Australia in June 1995, an international workshop on "Conservation of Migratory Waterbirds And Their Wetland Habitats in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway" held in Japan in December 1994, the "Northeast Asia and North Pacific Environmental Forum" held in Japan in September 1995, and two international workshops held during the "International Conference on Wetlands and Development" which took place in October 1995 in Malaysia.

Several members of staff of Wetlands International have been closely involved in the preparation of the Strategy. From the Asia Pacific Headquarters: Faizal Parish, Muralee Menon, Marcel Silvius, Bernard O'Callaghan, John Howes and Dr David Wells; from the Oceania Program: Doug Watkins and Roger Jaensch; from the Indonesia Programme: Yus Rusila Noor; from the Africa, Europe and Middle East office: Dr Janine van Vessem, Paul Rose and Dr Mike Moser; and from the Americas office: Ian Davidson.

From the IWRB-Japan Committee, Dr Manabu Abe, Dr Hiroyoshi Higuchi, Noritaka Ichida, Ritsuko Okuno and Ariko Murohashi provided useful contributions to the review and production of the Strategy.

We would also like to record the specific contributions made by the following persons in developing the Strategy:

Government of Australia: Dr Peter Bridgewater, Alison Russell French and Karen Weaver.
Government of Japan: Hikari Kobayashi, Naohisa Okuda and Tatsuo Ihara.
Government of China: Jin Puchun, Chen Renjie and Chu Guozhong.

Mark Barter (Australasian Wader Studies Group), Paul Jepson (BirdLife International-Indonesia), Dr David Stroud (Joint Nature Conservation Committee, United Kingdom), Dr Gerard Boere (Ministry of Agriculture, Netherlands), Ornithological Society of Japan, Rosie Ounsted, Satoshi Kobayashi and Tim Jones (Ramsar Bureau), Dr Pavel Tomkovich (Russian Wader Studies Group), Arnulf Muller-Helmbrecht and Doug Hykle (Secretariat of the Bonn Convention-UNEP/CMS Secretariat), Richard Dorall (Universiti Malaya), Wild Bird Society of Japan, David Melville (World Wide Fund for Nature-Hong Kong), World Wide Fund for Nature Japan and Yamashina Institute of Ornithology.

Taej Mundkur, Wetlands International - Asia Pacific,
Kaori Matsui, IWRB-Japan Committee