Air toxics and indoor air quality in Australia

State of knowledge report
Environment Australia, 2001
ISBN 0 6425 4739 4

Part C: Factsheets


A key issue for the community is gaining access to information on the health and environmental effects of pollutants of concern. Part C of this report addresses this issue by providing factsheets for the 28 priority pollutants identified under the Air Toxics Program and the four criteria pollutants of concern in indoor air (see Chapter 5) Factsheet on two other pollutants of concern to the community, asbestos and HCBs, are also provided.

These factsheets are based on the document National Pollutant Inventory  – Contextual Information, with substantial updates provided by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC).

An alphabetical list of the available factsheets is presented below.


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